Good Engineering College or Best Branch – What should I Choose ? Most students seem to be very focused on getting into the best branch of Engineering (Computer Science, Electronics & Telecommunications, Mechanical, Chemical, etc.) Everybody wants to get into the topmost branch. This is totally a misconception. If you study in a good college, all branches, have good scope. There are well-paying jobs in all disciplines, including electronics & telecommunications engineering, and chemical engineering, etc.

As per the latest statistics, a vast majority of computer science graduates in the country do not have respectable jobs. If you study in a bad college, a good branch is not going to help you. Changing of field is very common amongst engineers. I know civil engineers who are in advertising agencies, chemical engineers who are into banking, etc.

The IITs, and BITs Pilani, are clearly better than other engineering colleges. Most NITs are better than most state engineering colleges. It’s just simple to say that the college doesn’t matter. Students, who do well inspite of being in a bad college, are probably doing well in spite of the college, not because of the college.

Better colleges have better systems of education, better academic atmosphere and better professors. If you are getting an average branch in a good college, you should definitely choose that average branch in the good college. I would definitely pick Chemical Engineering in IIT-Bombay, over Computer Science in state engineering college.

This doesn’t mean that you’re screwed if you get into a bad college. There are many examples that motivated students can excel or outshine from anywhere. If you have a choice, then choose better college over better branch. To a large extent, success in life is not simply about academic knowledge. It is also about a bunch of other factors too, like city, associated industries, hostel life, etc.

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