Engineering is generally considered to consist of the major primary branches of chemical engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering. Engineering is the discipline and profession that applies scientific theories, mathematical methods, and empirical evidence to design, create, and analyze technological solutions. Many of us don’t even know how to choose branch in engineering and which is the best engineering course?


Here you can get some tips to select right engineering branch and engineering college to pursue your studies.


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Which is the toughest branch of Engineering?

Answer: As such there is nothing tough in this world. There is only one thing that make things tough is your lack of interest.

Off course you need certain amount of basic skills and proper guidance to make anything more interesting. Good mathematics and analytical skills are very basic for any engineering branch. If you are not an analytical person then branches like computer science, IT may be tough for you. Here are few suggestions for you to make things easy and more interesting

  1. First find your area of interest
  2. Choose engineering branch according to your interest
  3. Get good books and mentors to make it less boring and more interesting
  4. Take help of seniors and other friends to solve your doubts
  5. Study with practical application and not for marks alone
  6. Keep yourself updated with latest technology and development in your field
  7. Now a day there are a lot of alternative available of books like Videos/Tutorials/E-learning/IIT lectures etc


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Which Engineering field is considered to be the best now a day?

Answer: All branches are good but off course there are booms of each and every branch over some time period. Some branches are called evergreen branches which are always in demand over time like Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, etc. Earlier packages used to be low in these branches but now a days package are equally good as compared with other industries.

Software industry boom has started sometime around 2003-2004 when Computer science/IT/ Electronics branches were very popular among students due to hefty salary packages and MNC culture but that trend is almost stagnant now. Salaries are also not increasing over time and layoff is very frequent. Shift culture has started where people are working in different shift like US, UK, Australia shift which start at odd timing like 12 noon to 12 night, 2 PM to 4 AM etc. There is a saying about IT industry that these people had not seen sunrise and sunset over years and that’s true. You can earn very good salary if you are in a good company but that comes at it cost.

But off course there are some emerging trends in engineering now which are very new and will be very popular in future, like Mechatronics, Bio- medical, Aerospace, Robotics, Microelectronic. But there are very few colleges which offer such courses since these are not very popular in India still. Most of these courses are offered by some IITs, NITs.


Which are the worst engineering colleges in India?

Answer – If I start telling you the list of worst colleges then list will be too long and will be impossible for anyone to make such list since worst colleges are always more than the best colleges. So it will be better if I go with reverse way and give you the list of good colleges. Anyone can tell you or you can get easily good colleges list at least Top-10, Top-50 or Top-100 but the points is how you will judge about rest which is not part of Top-100.

Colleges are considered best if they have the following things in same order

  1. Good placement record with good packages
  2. Good faculties
  3. Good facilities (like Hostels, library, computer center, playground, club etc)
  4. Good activities (like Technical fest, Cultural fest, Sports meet etc)

So here I will give you some pointers by which you can make a rough judgment about college.

  • Old is Gold: This phrase holds well for colleges too. If you have a look on Top-100 colleges then most of them are established 20-50 years ago and most of the IITs and NITs fall in this category. The reason behind this logic is you have to be good enough to survive for so long we can say that if you are 10 yr old then your reputation can be verified by various parameters.
  • Opening and closing rank: Have a close look on opening and closing rank of a particular college. This will give you a clear cut idea of college reputation. Good students always choose the best available since everyone has done their homework before like you want to do now, so here you can rely completely since this is the indirect feedback of thousands of students in past.
  • Do your personal research: Although it is not possible always but the real feedback you can get someone who has studied there. So find some friend/relative or any other contact through social media who can give you the real picture of college. Never believe on information given on college website blindly like placement figures, which are not realistic/ updated over years in most of the private colleges’ site. Get information from multiple sources and verify it with each other. Facts always remain constant independent of source, so if you are getting the good and same feedback from everywhere then its true only.
  • Don’t fall prey to fancy ads: Good colleges never need any kind of publicity that’s the reason you will never find all good colleges like IITs, NITs, BITS Pilani, IIITs etc in ads race. It’s always private and not so good colleges which attract students through ads.

At the end it is very important for getting a good college for engineering. Your career path depends a lot on your first job and kind of skills you learn during 4 years of engineering which is only possible in good college.

It doesn’t mean either that if you don’t get colleges in Top-100 then you should not do engineering, you can settle for good if you didn’t get the best but in that case you need to work hard to be in top 10 of your batch to get best out of there. It may take some more time in your career to reach up to a point where you want to be.


Why engineering is not considered as a good career option now?

Answer: Engineering is and will always be one of the good options available for career choices” The above statement is valid only if you are doing it from a good college and having your personal interest in field to achieve more in life.

Engineering losing it charms now a day due to poor quality of education in various private colleges which are grooming like mushrooms in each state but this trend has started going downwards with closure of branches and college by AICTE. Only the real and authentic one will remain in race like IITs, NITs, BITS, DTU, IIITs and some good government and private college in each state.

Engineers are also underpaid in industry due to lack of proper technical and other skills but again this is due to poor private colleges only. All good engineering colleges like IITs, NITs, BITS, DTU, IIIT’s are still having good placement with handsome packages.

So the bottom line is that if you want to choose engineering as a career option then do it from top colleges only.