Career Prospects in Polymer Technology and the different Institutes who are offering this course.

Polymers have been extensively used by the New Age Community. Polymers may be tailored to suit our requirements and have found extensive applications in all walks of life. Polymer technology has taken a great place in the fields of electronics and electrical materials, textiles, aerospace industry, automobile industry, etc.

The recent developments in polymer technology have revolutionized the field of material science. Due to the advances of development of synthetic polymers from natural polymers they are being used in various fields right from building materials to packing materials, fancy decoration articles, electrical engineering, communications, automobile, aircrafts, etc.

Due to their high strength, light weight, good flexibility, special electrical properties, resistance to chemicals, amenability for quick and mass production and for fabrication into complex shapes in a wide variety of colours, polymers can be converted into strong solid articles, flexible rubber like masses. They can be used to bond objects, seal joints, bear loads and for anything from clothing to powering a space vehicle. A polymer can be used for replacing a human organ itself.


Polymer technologists have placement opportunities in multinational and national companies such as Du Pont, Reliance Industries, MRF, Apollo Tyres, Dunlop and a host of other companies with global market reach. The future of polymer and rubber industries is bright and the job market is highly remunerative for qualified technologists. There is ample scope for higher education leading to master’s and Ph.D. in India and abroad.

Research can be taken up in areas such as Rapid Prototype and Rapid Tooling Technology; Polymer Nano composites; Biomedical applications of polymers; Waste Management; Polymer Synthesis; Auxetic polymeric materials; Rheology and processing; Polyblends and IPNs; Mould design; Polymer degradation; Conducting Polymers.

The following institutes in Tamil Nadu offer B.Tech programme in polymer technology:

B.S. Abdur Rahman Crescent Engineering College, Chennai

Hindustan Engineering College, Chennai

Kamaraj College Of Engineering and Technology – Virudhunagar

I would like to know about courses in nautical science and the subjects covered. Which institutes offer programmes in Nautical Science?

Study of nautical science imparts maritime education and training to the prospective navigating officers of the country. The navigating officers who qualify after completing graduate programme in nautical science are responsible for the navigation of a ship, loading and discharging of cargo, maintenance of ships, safety of passengers and crew and observance of various national and international codes of conduct.

In the nautical science programme, you would be having subjects such as Navigation, Astronomy, Practical Navigation, Voyage Planning including Chart Work, Magnetic and Gyro Compasses, Electronic Navigational Aids namely Radar, Decca, Loran, Satellite Navigation, GPS, GMDSS & Ship Operation Technology, Cargo Work, Collision Prevention and Marine Communications, Maritime Law, Marine Engineering and Control Systems and Environmental Sciences.

Some of the institutes offering nautical science programmes are:

Vel’s college of Science, old Pallavaram, Chennai.

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