Career Options after BPharma

Question :

hi, need some help from you i am going to complete my b.pharm and not decided my further studies.please help me and also tell me about ,food inspector,health inspector,drug inspector and food and drug administration

Answer :

A four-year Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy (BPharm) leads to openings in drug manufacturing industries and food and drug control organizations. Educational qualification required for this course is 10+2 (PCM/B). These courses are offered by a number of institutes. You can find some Medical Colleges India  here

Depending on the extent of study and the area you specialize in (pharmacology, pharmaceutics, hospital pharmacy or quality assurance) study, you can opt for research.


Pharmacy graduates have a wide array of career options and as a result there has been a huge demand for the admissions to Bachelor of Pharmacy (B Pharm) course in India. The career options after completing B Pharm or Masters in Pharmacy (M Pharm) are: Teaching, Pharmacists, Medical Transcriptionists, Quality Assurance Managers, Analytical Chemists, Sales and Marketing Managers, Data Managers, Drug Regulatory Managers, Scientists, Healthcare Professionals, Retailers. The education imparted to the pharmacy graduates should be such that the students can take up the assignments in the industry, hospitals etc.
Teaching is another option after a Master’s degree holder. Pharmacy graduates are also appointed by the government as drug inspectors and drug analysts. Hospitals also hire pharmacist consultants to advise physicians on the precise dosage, schedules and possible side effects of the various drugs.
While a diploma-holder can work as a pharmacist in hospitals or as a pharmacy technician, BPharm or MPharm degree-holders can apply for jobs in the pharmaceutical industry.
Although there are limited research openings in India, those with doctoral and post-doctoral qualifications find challenging avenues in R&D labs abroad. Apart from the drug manufacturing industry, pharmacists are also employed in the chemical industry and food and drug control organizations.