A non-governmental organization in India can be set up under various Indian laws and different legal entities. NGOs, more often than not, are considered to be non-profit groups or associations which act outside of a political framework. The nature of the NGOs is such that they would function keeping the interest of one or more group in mind.


A NGO may or may not be affiliated with any Government or private sector firm. Mostly NGOs function by taking up social causes which are plaguing the society we live in and are driven towards assisting the helpless, deprived and distressed. Although mostly the NGOs are non-governmental organizations which means that so is the funding, but sometimes the government provides funds for maintenance and functioning of that body.

People who are interested in pursuing a career in a NGO should carefully consider the option as although there is a dire need of people in this sector but it needs to be someone who has the time and patience to deal with what comes their way. Most NGOs will want to hire people with strong communication, negotiation skills and a strong skill of crisis management.

Career in Non Governmental Organizations

Where there has been a surge by students in India to join professional courses, there has also been an overwhelming response by students to do their bit and start working in this sector. More than anything people have realized that someone needs to do the dirty work for everyone to reap the benefits.

Since the basic aim of a NGO will always be benefitting the society, environment, etc it is required that people chip in with what they can. Gone are the days when people used to just take out time from their schedules to do their bit. The society is more dedicated in making the world a better place. More than anything it is the approach of the person who is to bring in the change and in the process evolve to be a better human being.

Since NGOs today are more professional than ever, the misconception of a shabbily rented place should be dealt away with. With the rise in taking up of social responsibility, the rise in professionalism in this sector is something which was lacking before.

If you are willing to do the deed, you can choose one of the below listed job profiles to be a part of this industry:

  • Health & Medicine
  • Literacy and Education
  • Justice & Law Advocacy and Human Rights
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Employment & Generation of Income
  • Enterprise & Micro Finance
  • Sports & Vacation
  • Disabled and Handicapped Management
  • Overall Governance
  • Development of Surroundings
  • Philanthropy
  • Media and Broadcasting
  • Computer & Technology
  • Disaster Management

Qualifications for working in a NGO

While most NGOs do not ask for much, good communication is a prerequisite by most of them. Most organizations will take you in for the sheer joy and love of you being a part of their industry. While there are others who want their employees to be equipped with some basic qualifications; such as:

  • Bachelor Degree (in any course from a recognized university/ college)
  • A degree or certificate course in PR and Management
  • A certificate course in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)
  • Course in NGO Management will act as an added advantage
  • A general awareness of administration, global events and issues, community development and information management
  • A certificate course or MBA in Finance and Human Resources

Pay Scale

Most NGOs will rely up on handsomely paid professionals to run the business. The starting salary of an employee qualified in NGO management can be anywhere between Rs. 10,000 – Rs. 20,000 per month.

Institutes providing courses for a career in NGOs

With the increase in the number of people wanting to be a part of this field, the education institutions in India have announced various courses for candidates who would want to pursue a career in NGOs. Check out some of the institutions offering courses for a career in a NGO:

  • Amity Institute of NGO Management
  • Karl Kubel Institute for Development education
  • Centre for Social Initiative and Management
  • Madras School of Social Work, Chennai (MA in NGO Management)
  • Jamia Milia Islamia, Delhi (PGD in NGO management)
  • Madurai Kamaraj University Directorate of Distance Education  (PGD in NGO management)
  • Institute of Management & Development, Indore (PGD in NGO management)
  • Annamalai University Directorate of Distance Education (PGD in NGO management)
  • Bharathidasan University Centre for Distance Education, Tiruchrappali (PGD in NGO management)