Films and Media – Do you want to make a serious profession in Film Industry after Class 12?

It is possible … read on


When the students are looking for a career in the Film Industry after class 12, it is usually taken very flippantly, but that is not the case anymore. The film world is full of opportunities; mind you,  film is not limited to one hero or heroine dancing around trees. You can avail a number of graduate degree or diploma courses in career role of your keen interest. As you scroll down you will find yourself unrolling with options.

Some qualms and challenges before entering Film Industry

To start a career in films and media is very broad based and vast. It’s not just the starry dressed glamorous actor on the silver screen and dancing around the trees that make the film and media profession? Students need to be very clear about film and media as a line of work – it is not all glittery, bright and glamor.

These series of occupations in the film industry involve hard work, both mentally and physically, with long hours, often in uncomfortable locations. This means that you have be clear and open about the fact that skill and job need to be done also need constant re-skilling and re-training. IT also becomes questionable as to whether the student fit for this career how is he going to make the right choice for the institute he has to take admission in to enhance the skills required.

Many students also ask if they should study film and media directly after their 12th standard, or take a more traditional degree and then study film at a PG level. If you can find a film course that allows you to graduate with a degree, then there is no benefit in waiting – go ahead and enroll in the film program.


The other challenge that students and their families face, is how to select a film & media training institute/ film school. Unlike business, science or engineering, there is no ranking system for film and media schools. This makes it very difficult to compare schools. Be wary about bold claims regarding placement statistics. Focus instead on the quality of the education and the quality of the faculty and alumni networks – this is where the real job opportunities will come from.

Some options that one can follow after class 12 in the line of film & media or related studies are:

Drama, Direction,  Production,  Animation or  Choreography  – Choose your pick

Drama and Acting:

Gone are the days when a career in Drama was looked down upon as something not-so-realistic. So if you are passionate about acting & theatrics, there are lots in this arena after the 12th.

In fact, this is one field where you can chase your dreams and meet the most creative people. You need to make your choice as to where you belong;

    • On stage’ or
    • ‘In the classroom’ or
    • ‘Behind the curtain’ or
    • ‘At the desk’ or
  • ‘On the sets’.

It is true to an extent that people wanting to be on the centre-stage, even you might go through the hype or the low. The number of schools providing formal education in drama & performing arts is increasing rapidly with industry experts taking keen interest in nurturing future actors & trade technicians

Institutes offering courses after 12th for Drama:

Film & Television Institute of India Pune: Graduation & Post Graduation

National school of Drama Delhi: Graduation & Post Graduation

Barry John Acting School Delhi & Bombay: Certificate & Diploma

Whistling Woods International Mumbai: Diploma & Graduation

Asian Academy of Film & Television Noida: Certificate, UG & PG

Roshan Taneja School of Acting Mumbai: Under Graduate

Film Production, Direction, and Management

To learn all aspects of film production from the perspective of a film producer and also the film director. Filmmaking – real life scenario in film production. The program covers both technical and theory aspects related to the film.

Youtube has created opportunities for young filmmakers, who can experiment short film and build confidence to move on to the big screen. Cinema has transcended the boundaries. Nowadays students want to explore the options of filmmaking and various allied fields e.g. Short film production, Television production, video production, editing, cinematography, directing, producing etc. with the kind of technology growth, high-speed internet connectivity film production is emerging as one of the biggest careers for any individual. Multi-camera filming, digital editing, history of Indian cinema, Cinematography, film editing, sound designing production management, the script also become individual powerful careers.

What does one learn under Film Production and Management?



Editing: Editing, creative editing, short film editing, trailers, teasers, music videos, promo, feature film editing, etc. This program will emphasize more on the creative and technical aspects and give meaning to the entire film.

Production Management: One can master the skill of Production management, budgeting, distribution, cast & crew management etc.

CAREER OPTIONS after this course you can become a

  • Producer
  • Line Producer
  • Executive Producer
  • Event Management
  • Marketing & Distribution of Films & Television

Best Institutes for Film Making – Production, Direction and Management

R  Sace Mumbai. Bachelor’s Degree in Film Production & Management –

Mindscreen Film Institute, Chennai Six months course in Cinematography

Digital Academy Mumbai 10 months course in Cinematography –

Digital Academy Mumbai. Six months course in Filmmaking

Center for Research in Art of Film and Television (CRAFT), Delhi: 1-year course in Film Direction

Whistling Woods International, Mumbai: (3 Year) – Bachelor’s Filmmaking & 2-year Diploma Filmmaking

National Institute of Film & Fine Arts, Kolkata: Diploma in Film Direction (18 months / 24 months)

Digital Academy-The Film School, Mumbai: PG Diploma course in Film and TV Direction (2 years)

Asian Academy of Film and Television, Noida: 3-year B.Sc. Cinema + Diploma in Cinema (Specialization in Direction)

Zee Institute of Media Arts (ZIMA), Mumbai: Diploma / Bachelors /in Film Making

Matrikas Film School, Delhi: Diploma in Filmmaking (1 year)

Film Animation and Design:

Animation is widely used in the field of entertainment and film industry. Not only this, Animation is regarded as a part of the creative or content industry as an artistic or creative effort is essential to the process of developing animation. So animation is a versatile field. Go for it and you will open a variety of options for yourself. Animation is the term we use to describe any film that is deliberately made one frame at a time by manipulating drawings, puppets or computer-generated imagery. It is the technique of photographing successive drawings or positions of puppets or models to create an illusion of movement when the film is shown as a sequence. The top schools of animation of the country that one can apply for after the 12th standard are as under.

Whistling Woods International school several undergraduate courses in media and animation.

Apeejay Institute of Design offers several undergraduate and graduate level courses for graphic designing, visual editing, and filmmaking.

Animator Academy high-quality career programs in fields of designing and animation.

Picasso Animation College diploma courses and certifications in game art & designing, Palpha VFX or advanced filmmaking

Zee Institute of Creative arts bachelor degree program, diploma courses, and certifications

Mayo Academy of advanced cinematic (MAAC) courses in animation, VFXFilmmakingng, and gaming.

Arena Animation courses offered in D & 3D animation


Choreography is related to the dance. A complete package of all kind of dance, dancing steps, dancing forms is choreography. A choreographer can make the dance on the music or the written summary. A choreographer must have the knowledge of all dancing forms. A good choreographer can imagine the dance by listening to the music. Related to choreography various profiles can emerge.

    • Choreographer
    • Dance Critic
    • Stage Performers
    • Dance Therapist
    • Dance or Dancing Assistant
    • Freelance Dance Performance
    • Dance Instructor
    • Dance Teacher
    • Artistic Director
  • Rehearsal Director

Short-term, certificate and diploma courses offered by the various art schools in India.

    • Institute for Creative Excellence, Chandigarh
    • ITA School of Performing Arts, Mumbai
    • Sangeet Natak Academy, New Delhi
    • Natya Institute of Khatak and Choreography, Bangalore
    • University of Mysore
    • Shiamak Davar Institute for Performing Art, New Delhi
    • Shiamak Davar Institute for Performing Art, Mumbai
    • Natya Institute of Khatak and Choreography, Bangalore
    • University of Mysore
    • Government College of Dance and Music, Orissa
  • Faculty of Arts University, Mysore

Recent years have seen a surge of a different kind of (gen next) cinema for the coming of age audience. With the exploration of various genres, cinema is no more a prerogative of all and sundry. A person from any background can experiment with cinema. Also with the Internet revolution, the world has become a global space.