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Best Books to Read

Reading is a good habit that every expert recommends the teenagers to take up. From the late 19th century when the reading habit started picking up, the teens were one of those who started picking up books. In fact, now writers target this age group as a separate genre. Books are a great way to introduce writers about different issues, cultures, world affairs, politics, sports, etc. All the peers encourage teenagers to start reading their favourite books, since they find that it is a great way to introduce them of various things such as relations, love, romance and equality.

If you are that Indian teenager, who loves reading and is confused about which books to pick, then don’t worry. We have listed some of the most prominent books that are considered gem in teenagers’ reading category. Keep reading to know more.

1. Train to Pakistan – Khushwant Singh

The plot of this book is based in a fictitious place called Manu Marju. In this book, you will get to read about every terrible story that you might have heard related to the partition that happened between India and Pakistan. Khushwant Singh has bravely highlighted that how issues related to religion are over sensitive in India and within no time become a major cause of violence. He also goes on to say that this issue will always be prevalent as long as India lives.

2. Curfewed Night – Basharat Peer

In his own word, Salman Rushdie describes this book as, “A passionate and important book – a brave and brilliant report from a conflict that the world has chosen to ignore.”

Basharat Peer happens to be a prominent Kashmiri journalist who has given an honest account of his life, love and the war that has been taking place in his homeland Kashmir. Since a Kashmiri himself has chosen to describe the happenings of Kashmir – therefore this book happens to be a better pick up for reading. After reading this book, you will be compelled to see Kashmir from a different light altogether. You will feel tragic and leaves you baffled.

The book describes a young boy’s story who has spent his childhood in Kashmir and has experienced the war’s ugly side for a long period of time. The hit movie ‘Haider’ was based on this novel.

3. The Palace of Illusions, Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

The author has presented this book from Draupadi’s (Mahabharata character) point of view. Even though the book appears male-dominant while reading, but it depicts Draupadi’s voice strongly. The author has beautifully emoted Draupadi’s emotions through words – whether its anger, jealousy, insecurity, sadness, breakdown or any such emotions. Although the book appears lengthy, but the story is its strength – that keeps you asking for more.

In short, we want to say that if you are a fan of the book Mahabharata, then you should definitely consider reading this book.

4. Malgudi Days, R K Narayan

Now please don’t say we haven’t heard about this book before. Think about Malgudi Days, the first thing that comes into your mind is that 90s Doordarshan serial which was a big hit. If the serial was such a hit, then think how much will you enjoy while reading the book on which it was based? When you finish reading this book that fictional town ‘Malgudi’ and the protagonist will become a part of your imagination. Beautifully written in the simple English, this is a book every Indian has enjoyed reading. The author has beautifully picked up stories from his daily life and depicted in the book. The best part is he has beautiful captured that essence or soul of a small Indian town in this book.

5. The Story of My Experiments with The Truth – Mahatma Gandhi

Making a list of the best book for the Indian teenagers and not mentioning Mahatma Gandhi’s book would be quite a blunder! This book is Gandhiji’s autobiography and covers parts of his life from childhood till 1921. He has impressively managed to present this book in an inspiring and interesting way. Written in Pune Yerwada jail, Gandhiji readied this book on the instance of his fellow prisoner. He wrote in the form of journals, which was later compiled and published as a book.

This book mentions his childhood memories, how he experimented by eating meat, smoking or drinking, stealing incidents, marriage, father’s demise, student life, struggle in India, life in Africa and then finally returning India.

6. Percy Jackson and the Olympians – Rick Riordan

A book on adventure and fantasy theme, the writer created this story for his own son who has dyslexia. It’s a story of a guy called Percy Jackson who happens to be a demigod & suffers from ADHD and dyslexia that affects his personality and social life hugely. He is depicted as Greek god Poseidon and a mortal lady Sally Jackson’s son. This fantasy story was an instant hit among the readers and was so successful that a movie was made on this.

7. Harry Potter Series – J K Rowling

Now who doesn’t know about this book? British author J K Rowling created this book series that happens to be the best-selling book series of 21st century. And every book was made into a movie. The book describes the adventures of Harry Potter – a young wizard and his friends. From the day it was first released, till now the book has managed to capture millions of hearts. The way writer has depicted friendship, bravery, school life, student-teacher relationship – the readers have always praised it. The book has sold over 400 million copies and was translated into over 60 languages across the world.

8. To all the boys I’ve ever loved series – Jenny Han

Published in the year 2017, this book was one most successful romantic novel depicting teenage life. It’s about a school girl named Lara Jean who wrote love letters to all the boys she loved earlier or had crush upon, however never posted to them. Then the twist happens and Lara’s sister delivers all these letters without her knowledge. And then the adventure begins as her life is changed completely as she is confronted by all these guys. A movie on this book with the same name will release in 2019.