Indian Institutes of Technology & Indian Institutes of Science – Differences

Indian Institutes of Technology & Indian Institutes of Science, both have a significant power – potential role in the engineering, Science and Technological Education imparted in the country. Here are some prominent differences between


    1. IITs were basically established to provide technical manpower nation building. IISc were established by private bodies to conduct core research with focus on advancing the scientific capabilities of the country IITs and IISc


    1. IITs are shiny and glamorous in physical imagery, IISc are simpler – carry a calm attitude, more research based and committed to scientific advancement.


    1. IITs focus and courses on undergraduate studies – B Tech Courses; IISC starts at MS or M Tech level. IITs are intended both for pure science and engineering IITs offer integrated BS-MS, Msc and Ph.D in pure science streams along with Integrated MTech, MTech and PhD in engineering streams. IIts do not offer BSc. After doing BSc from any college students can apply for MSc in IITs. This is done through JAM and like GATE and JEE is highly competitive. Unlike IITs, IISC do not put great emphasis on engineering. The purpose of the IISc is to provide a advanced research platform for students


    1. IITs have thousands of students studying different streams of engineering all set for placements in the Tech Industry. IISc have fewer students working towards high end research – they further equip themselves to Research oriented jobs.


    1. Placements from IITs are well known in number and quality; Placements in the IISc are as good but they usually in higher positions in the firms as IISC produce the brainstorming research individuals.


    1. The Faculty at the IITs and IISc is super qualified but more noble laureates and Research aces will be seen at the IISc who love their lab and work in IISc.


    1. Both IITs and IISc have superior infrastructures- IITs in comparison do not have have sufficient skilled man power to make the most of the hi-tech infrastructure. IISc the scientists and professors explore the best of their facilities and many of them work continuously in the labs and contribute to scientific development in real sense.


    1. IITs function of prescribed courses rather than research and invention as do the IISc. IITs give best efforts to make students understand the existing technology and try to find its application.


    1. IISc hosts finest faculty, creators of a field of science, they have contacts all across the globe. IISc have many research collaboration with industry and foreign universities as compared to IITs


    1. The number of IITs in the country are many more than IISc in number.


    1. IIT pass outs go on to doing MBA degrees at IIM or top universities abroad. Some of them become entrepreneurs or top execs. IISc, being a postgraduate institution, produces candidates who then go on to become professors, researchers or employees.


  1. IITs carry a young, vibrant, active aura with undergraduates swarming the campuses. IISc have a calmer, serious, quieter atmosphere with research students.