10 Employability skills – must haves for engineering students

The jobs market is deeply competitive and the candidates who can show key skills are the choice of most employers. Nearly 64% percent employers express their dissatisfaction with the current engineering graduate skills in India. The skills have been categorized as Core Employability Skills, Communication Skills and Professional Skills.

Here are the top 10 skills employers are looking for in Indian Engineering Graduates, in order of importance. Employers gave each a rating on a 5-point scale, where 5 was very important, 4 was important, 3 was fairly important, 2 was somewhat important, etc.:-

  1. English Communication Skills

English communication is rated as the most important employability skill, and Engineering Graduates who meet the demand for English skills are the choice of most employers.  Engineering students that perform well in spoken English have better chances of employment. HR managers and leading employers prefer candidates with good English skills above the local average candidates. They even get higher salaries than candidates with lesser English skills. Employers are looking for staff that can communicate in an appealing manner.

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  1. Written Communication

Most of the CV’s received by employers have grammatical and spelling errors. Any CV which has a spelling error is straight away rejected, since Employers are looking for candidates that can write noticeably with no spelling mistakes.

  1. Team player

Most companies view your capability on the basis of your team work abilities, and the very first intuition that you give off. They need someone who can work upto their expectations. Employers are looking for engineering graduates who can get on well with their colleagues in a team and generate a positive working environment.

  1. Good problem solving skills

Problem solving and the ability to make an effectual decision are the keys of good management. Problems will crop up from time to time and an employer looks in if the potential employee can evaluate the situation correctly and can then solve the problem in a suitable manner.

  1. Commercially savvy

Engineering graduates applying for jobs should be well aware of the technical as well as commercial work associated with the job. Most employers prefer skilled and qualified candidates in their organization. A candidate must show that they have a good understanding of the company’s business work. The candidate who does their groundwork well in advance will get the job.


  1. Self-Motivation

Employers are looking for engineering graduates who are self-motivated. They must demonstrate that they are committed and they want to help contribute to the success of the employer’s business. They need to be able to plan their work to get the job done.

  1. Organisational Skills

There are many professionals who have rampant success in their life, because they have organizational skills   be successful in their life. Such professionals are required by every organization. Employees need good organizational skills in order to plan their work load and stay on top of the business.

  1. Evaluate quantitative data

Business thrives on managing problems and evaluating quantitative data. The ability to evaluate data requires practical thinking and action to accomplish. The engineers hired should possess a mixture of all the factors, with a deep emphasis on analysis.

  1. Flexibility

All candidates are expected to be flexible, since the working atmosphere is always changing and employees are required to adjust quickly to these changes.

  1. Time Management

Employers want candidates with good time management skills. The employees who can assign a priority to their responsibilities and remain productive at work are always favored.