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Career in Blogging- How to start career as Blogger

In the last few years, blogging has emerged as a popular career choice among today’s youth who are passionate about writing and have excellent digital media skills. In the initial stages, people used to write blogs to share their daily activities with their readers. Nowadays, the term ‘blogging’ means more than just sharing daily activities. It has become one of the most profitable mediums through which today’s professional bloggers and social media influencers are earning in six digits. As blogging allows independent remote working, it has become a convenient career option for those who prefer to work flexibly. All one needs is a computer and stable internet connectivity to start a new blog. However, a great passion for writing, excellent communication skills, patience, and dedication are a must for bloggers. 
While many think that blogging is just a hobby or part-time earning medium, professional blogging requires individuals to devote at least 8-9 hours to this job. Blogging allows individuals to be their own boss, and one cannot expect to earn in lakhs within one year of starting their blog. It requires immense hard work and patience to make an identity as a professional blogger in the global market. If you are willing to start your blogging journey and wish to make it your full-time profession, then you are at the right place. Here we will discuss how you can pursue a career in blogging and what skills you should have to run a successful blog. Let’s first know what blogging is. 

What Is Blogging?

Blogging is sharing your knowledge and expertise on an online portal and generating revenue through it. While individuals can write blogs on various topics, one can start their blog based on one specific niche, such as entertainment, sports, food, gadgets, education, health, lifestyle, and tech. Bloggers usually educate their readers about everything they know, including extraordinary skills, artistic works, impressive life stories, uncommon happenings in the outside world, daily activities, and other information. A blogger’s responsibility is to create engaging content on an online platform for their target audience. 
In the last few years, blogging has made it easy for the general mass to reach a massive global audience. Bloggers connect with thousands of people every day by documenting their opinions, thoughts, and perspectives on their blogs. They often use photographs and video clips to make their content attractive and engaging. While many people write blogs for personal use, some brands and companies run their organization blogs to extend their business in the global market. 

Work Responsibilities of Bloggers

A blog is a personal website where bloggers generate new and original content using attractive pictures and videos. To increase their blog traffic, they post different content a few times a week. The work responsibilities of a blogger are relatively similar to a freelance writer. Some work responsibilities include sharing content on the internet, replying to the readers’ comments, managing spam, creating necessary links, promoting brands and services, managing advertising campaigns, and adding pictures and videos. Blogging facilitates an independent working style, and no one assigns job responsibilities to bloggers unless they work for an organization. Bloggers, who have their businesses, require to decide their work responsibilities themselves to run their blogs. The following are some significant work responsibilities of bloggers. 

  1. Sharing authentic content 

The primary responsibility of a blogger is to create fresh and authentic content for their target audience. Bloggers usually present their content as a series of stories to make the content more understandable to readers. Bloggers often share their written material in a unique manner to make the content more interesting for the readers. They use different emotions and relevant pictures that truly complement their writings. It will keep the readers engaged and encourage them to like and share the content. 

  1. Researching similar content 

Research plays a vital role in running a successful blog. Bloggers often research similar blog posts and content to collect significant reference material for their blog. 

  1. Making promotional strategies 

Bloggers need to have a basic understanding of paid advertisements, influencer management, and organic traffic. It helps bloggers create and implement promotional strategies fruitful for their blogs.

  1. Satisfying the target audience 

Bloggers working for various organizations often collaborate with the marketing and creative team to discuss how their content will meet the target audience’s expectations. Depending on the marketing strategies, bloggers create unique and engaging content relevant to the audience’s needs. 
Other responsibilities of a blogger include:

  • Establishing their social media presence 
  • Updating the changes regularly 
  • Updating the credits on the blog posts with all necessary mentions 
  • Promoting their blog on various social media platforms 
  • Optimizing top blog posts, top pages, and top services 
  • Making advertisement-related and promotional inquiries 
  • Building relationships with the bloggers’ community and supporting the community by following other blogs 
  • Occasionally conducting phone or video interviews
  • Endorsing services and products and sharing honest reviews 
  • Doing the bookkeeping 
  • Collaborating with other bloggers 


Required Skills To Run A Successful Blog

People of any gender can pursue their careers as bloggers. However, a person needs to have a few essential skills to be successful in blogging. Let’s know the skills required for running a successful blog. 

  1. Bloggers should have a good understanding of marketing and branding. Marketing experience helps a blogger to make an identity in their profession. 
  2. Bloggers often play the role of a medium between an organization and its potential customers. They must be able to understand customers’ requirements and convey the messages to the company management. 
  3. Exceptional social media skills help a blogger sell their services and products in the most effective way. Bloggers must know how to use every social media platform, such as Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and more. 
  4. Bloggers must have the goodwill to work hard in their blogging career. Dedication and patience are two essential skills a blogger should have. Bloggers should not lose hope if they don’t achieve success within a short period. 
  5. Bloggers must have the ability to effectively communicate with their readers and clear their queries regarding the blog content. Excellent communication skills will help a blogger during marketing, promotions, and advertising. 

Other required skills are:

  • Creativity to produce innovative content 
  • Consistency in delivering original content a few times a week 
  • Ability to build interpersonal relationships with the audiences 
  • Ability to multitask 
  • Problem-solving skills 
  • Organizational skills 
  • Accuracy 


Scope And Job Opportunities In Blogging Career

Blogging is a unique career path that one can use to earn a consistent monthly income. A career in blogging can be rewarding if you have the relevant knowledge and skills to present your content creatively without compromising the quality. Success in a blogging career can take quite a lot of time. After making an identity in this field, one can make a good amount of monthly income and enjoy high popularity over the internet. A blogger can earn good revenue within a few years if the blog posts are original, consistent, and well-presented. Fresher bloggers must put extraordinary efforts into searching for profitable opportunities for promoting their blogs. 
The scope for bloggers eventually grows with time, depending on their blogs’ performance and revenue. However, well-built references help one become successful as a professional blogger. Bloggers must maintain consistency in their writing and marketing aspects. The digital revolution, in recent times, has opened thousands of opportunities for those with a passion for blogging. Content writers, creative writers, content marketers, and freelance writers are some beneficial job profiles for which bloggers can apply. However, the scope in this field varies from person to person. 

Blogging Courses and Fees

Nowadays, many popular online educational platforms offer certification courses in blogging. Candidates can join these online courses to start their careers as bloggers. But it is hard to find educational institutes in India that provide offline professional courses in blogging. However, one can join professional content writing courses or PG diploma courses offered by affiliated private and governmental universities. Candidates can learn blogging under these offline content writing programs. While candidates must pay to join an offline content writing course, a few online platforms offer free courses in blogging.

Best Online Blogging Courses

The following are the top 8 best online blogging courses. 
P.S- Candidates can join these online courses anytime, according to their preference. 

Courses Name 

Course Provider


Average Fees

Blog Blueprint: How To Turn Blogging Into A Career

6 hours 

INR 649

Beginner’s Guide to Creative Blogging: How to Set Yourself Up for Success

1 hour 51 minutes 


Blogging Classic Guide: How to Make a Successful Blog

1 hour

INR 449

Use WordPress to Create a Blog for your Business

2 hours 


Blogging Course Online

5 weeks

INR 299/month

Blogging Course: Learn How to Start a Blog and Create a Blogging Strategy for Your Business

1 hour 54 minutes 


How to start Blogging?

1 hour 


The Complete SEO Course 

Self-paced learning 

INR 7113


Best Offline Blogging Courses in India

As no educational institute offers separate offline courses in blogging, one can join content writing programs to learn about the blogging field. Many private and governmental educational institutes in India provide offline content writing programs as professional courses. Below are the top 8 best offline content writing courses available in India. 
P.S- For joining an offline content writing course, the candidate must complete their 12th with a minimum of 50% marks from a recognized board. 

Courses Name 

Course Provider


Average Fees

English and Creative Writing

3 years bachelor’s degree

INR 20,000 -2,00,000

Advanced English and Creative Writing

6 months 

INR 16,500

Distance Learning in Creative Writing Course

1 year (minimum) 

4 years (maximum)

INR 3800

Creative Writing Certification Program

2 months

INR 13,000

Content Writing Certification Course 

4 weeks

INR 11,900

Creative Writing Certification Course

3 months 

INR 19,000

Certification Course in Creative Writing

16 hours 

INR 8000

Creative Writing course 

3 months 

INR 10,000-20,000 


Best Blogging PG Diploma Courses in India

Candidates can join PG diploma courses in content writing to learn about blogging. These courses cover the basics of content writing, such as SEO, blogging, content marketing, email marketing, and more. 
P.S- One needs to complete their graduation from any discipline to join these postgraduate diploma courses. However, a degree course in languages (English, Hindi), media studies, and journalism is preferred. 

Courses Name 

Course Provider


Average Fees

Diploma Course in Creative Writing

1 year 

INR 36,200

Diploma in Creative Writing

1 year 

INR 95,000

Diploma in Creative Writing in English

1 year 

INR 4000

Diploma in Creative Writing

1 year 

Registration Required

Diploma in Creative Writing in English

1 year 

Registration Required


Salary of A Blogger in India

Nowadays, the outside world is equally busy staring at the cyber world, and that’s why blogging has become one of the most trending career choices among today’s youth. Because of the huge demand in the global market, the average salary of bloggers has increased quite a lot in recent times. In India, a part-time fresher blogger can earn between 15,000-17,000 INR/month and sometimes less than it. However, making money in blogging widely depends on the popularity of your blog among people. The salary varies depending on how many people visit your blog regularly. It is quite unlikely to earn lakhs within a year when you have just started your blogging journey as a fresher. An experienced full-time blogger who delivers high-quality content regularly can earn up to 5-6 lakh per annum. If a blogger has the required skills and knows how to sell their services, they can easily make a monthly five-digit paycheck. 

Top 8 Recruiters of Blogger Job Profile in India

In recent times, blogging has emerged as one of the most popular career options among today’s youth. A career in blogging can be a rewarding one as there are a variety of attractive job opportunities for bloggers in the global market. As the number of bloggers is increasing over time, it has become important for candidates to stand out from the competition to achieve success and earn a good amount of money from blogging. Working with renowned corporate organizations can increase your chance of achieving success as a blogger. Here are the top 10 Indian companies hiring for blogger job profiles. 

  1. Freelancer 
  2. Collegedunia 
  3. BYJU’S
  4. Career and Education Blog 
  5. Femina 
  6. Pinkvilla 
  7. Nykaa 
  8. The Times of India 
  9. NDTV Food 


Top Universities in India for Blogging Courses

Most private and government colleges and universities across India offer offline professional and PG diploma content writing courses that also cover modules of blogging. Here are the top 8 universities in India that provide the best learning experience in the field of content writing. 

  1. Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), Delhi
  2. Khalsa College, Amritsar
  3. Gurucharan College, Silchar
  4. Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi
  5. Xavier Institute of Communication, Mumbai
  6. Symbiosis Center of Distance Learning
  7. Ashoka University, Haryana 
  8. RK Film and Media Academy, New Delhi


Top Online Platforms for Blogging Certification Courses

Nowadays, many online platforms offer both free and paid certification courses in blogging. By joining these courses, one can learn how to earn money from blogging online. The following are the best online platforms that offer certification courses in blogging for candidates.

  1. Udemy
  2. Coursera 
  3. SkillShare
  4. Upskillist
  5. Mygreatlearning 
  6. Reliablesoft
  7. HubSpot Academy 


Blogging Course Duration and Fees (UG/PG Level)

A certification course in blogging is primarily a short-term course offered by various online educational platforms. Many online platforms offer free certification courses in blogging, while the other online courses are paid ones. The course fee largely depends on the duration. The free online blogging course duration can range from 1 hour to a few hours, while the duration of other elaborated courses can range from a few weeks to a month. Similarly, many affiliated private and government educational institutions in India offer professional content writing programs that cover blogging modules. However, the offline writing course duration can range from a few months to 4 years. 
In India, an online certification course in blogging can cost up to 5000-7000 INR, while an offline content writing course can cost up to 2 lakh. Similarly, the average fee of a PG diploma content writing course can be 4000-1,00,00 INR.