Successful College Students Understand the Secret of Simplicity


You may not think it is simple, to be a successful college student, but … it is.

By setting goals, having strong values, and using value methods to prioritize your activities, you can simplify life at college and succeed in obtaining your educational goals all while living a dynamic and successful life. A College Coach can help you sort out these issues and find your ultimate college success goals.

1. Write down your goals.

Write down your primary goals, focus them on specific areas of your life, and break them into doable segments. Write them down. Formulate a plan on paper and put it where you can review it frequently to make sure you’re keeping up to date with your plan of action.

2. Prioritize your life.

Since you have your goals in front of you, written down, it’s fairly simple to look at the goals and see if the activities coming up are working toward your goals or not. Determine the energy and value you are willing to put into an activity based on its value within your goal plan.

3. Maintain strong personal boundaries.

Your ultimate goal requires you to maintain personal boundaries. This doesn’t mean that a crisis has to be ignored, but it does mean you need to consider the value of the crisis. For instance: your grandmother is very ill and your parents want you to come home for the weekend, by all means GO, visit grandma, support your family, and build those important relationships. OR your buddy got drunk and is calling you at 3AM to rescue him from the county hoochie, but you have an exam in the morning. Let him sit it out, sober up and pick him up after you pass your exam. He needs to realize his emergency is due to his own bad behavior and not your problem. (In fact, if stone sober, he doesn’t immediately apologize for waking you up at 3 AM, leave him in there for another month.)

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