Cleared your Engineering Entrance Exams – What now?

Examinations are over and results are out as well. Your hard work paid. The results of clearing the examination and getting through also brings a sense of dilemma of what next. The decision of choosing the right college and then applying for it is no less daunting that the process of preparing for the engineering entrance examinations

There are so many unanswered queries racing through a student’s mind even after clearing his/her entrance exam

• Will I get admission in a good college or not? 
• What will be the cut off percentage? 
• What are the different courses available in different colleges? 
• Which branch should I opt for? 
• Which college to apply to with my rank?

We will discuss some of these questions in detail: 

First of all which branch should I opt for?

What should be your criteria for choosing a branch?

When choosing the correct branch, keep the following in mind:

(a) Job Opportunity 
(b) Remuneration
(c) Parent’s interests
(d) Your interest

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Job opportunity: This is the most important criteria for choosing a branch in a world of cut throat competition. It is true that branches like computer science, Information Technology and electronics are amongst the biggest job providers and that’s why they are the first choice of most of the students. But this does not mean that other branches are less important as far as job opportunity is concerned, other branches are equally good the only difference is that most of the software industry is mass recruiters but core industry companies are not.

Remuneration: This is also one of the most important factors when choosing a branch. The answer of this question is very difficult because salary expected depends upon individual talent and not on your branch. This does not mean that if you are in computer science, Information Technology or electronics (which are the most preferred choice of students) then you will make a lot of money. Other branches like mechanical, automobile engineering, electrical, chemical or production, civil etc. also give the desired pay. It is one of the misconceptions that only software engineers make more money. Only few of them are able to do it and again it’s depend on your talent and hard work so any branch can get you what you have in mind.

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Parent’s interest: The notion of making a decision because you are expected to or because someone else is doing so is quite irrational. Most of the parents only want those branches, in which job opportunity and money are more.  Parents are requested to please go through above paragraphs and not force your children to go for a particular branch only because of particular reason.

Your Interest: This is the most important and worthy factor which is ignored by most of the parents and students. As mentioned earlier that each and every branch is okay. After four years of your graduation you will be in industry and then whole of your life will be with in a field you choose today. Not to mention, if you choose this branch for some other reason that your interest, the decision will bog you down for the rest of your career. So always keeps your interest first while making a decision.

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