Youtube is a hit among students preparing for Entrance Exams

Youtube helps entrance exam preparation. 12 years ago, when Steve Chen, Chad Hurley and Jawed Karim, founded YouTube, they never imagined that it would be the inception of a worldwide phenomenon. The American Video sharing site that allows one to upload videos, pictures, like, share, comment and subscribe to other channels, has made numerous aspects of our lives easier. Other than the essential features of video uploading, blogging and movie trailers, another sphere of videos that has been grown parallel to the popularity of the social media giant, is the dimension of educational videos. The potential of YouTube as an effective educational contributor is immense.

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The whole idea of educational videos was to shift from the traditional book to brain approach and impart the same content in an engaging and instructive manner to the student. The growing demand for education-in-video, has led to a boom, in the channels which upload content for various educational purposes. Today these educational videos are utilized inside the classroom as well as outside, by educators, researchers, corporations but mostly by a student.

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For a country where education is considered no less than a panacea, the demand for educational institutions and learning opportunities, is soaring high daily. With this immense rise in demand for better education, these educational videos on YouTube, provide, easy access to a world of knowledge in a single place. In addition to fitting into ones pocket, YouTube has staggering number benefits that make it a go-to place, especially, when one has exams looming on their head.A few of these benefits are:

  • Accessibility

In the 21st century, we can already witness, a gradual shift from the archaic classroom education system to a more flexible (easily accessible) learning system. The accessibility ease and the high flexibility provided by YouTube, makes it possible for students to reach out to YouTube for fuss free assistance, whatever may, the topic be. The generation of smartphones, provides even more ease in accessing YouTube, anywhere, according to the students comfort.

  • Abundant online courses and tutorials

The amount of resources available on YouTube are vast in number and genres. The potential of the resources on YouTube, goes beyond just helping you in common exams such as CAT or UGC-NET. There numerous, educational channels on YouTube, which features experts from various fields teaching specific topics in a simple and understanding method. From highly effective monthly study plans to explanations on exam formats and tips on how to crack them, is available to a student, just at the click of a button.

  • No cost

The best part about utilizing YouTube as an educational platform is that the student doesn’t need to spend a penny to study or learn. Except the fixed cost, of having a fairly medium speed net and a device to operate YouTube on, not much financial investment goes into learning in this classroom. All of this suits a student, because, we are all aware of the hole that University tuition fee and buying bulky books can end up making in a student’s pocket. Thus,  YouTube is gold pot of resources is available to all every student, virtually at no cost at all, making it a lucrative deal for the student to reach out to YouTube for clearing doubts.

  • Flexibility

Another reason, why YouTube is an attractive learning option for students, particularly during exam period is the level of flexibility YouTube features provide. The features such as subscribing to a channel (and getting notifications), saving to watch the video later and being able to download a video, increases the comfort of studying for the student. In short, they can study according to their convenience. YouTube also is in a total of 76 different languages, which covers 95% internet population and bridged the gap between learning and language. It has also been launched locally in more than 88 countries.

Catering to millions of students around the world, online video platforms such as YouTube are transforming our traditional education model. Even today YouTube remains an excellent source for all the students to stay updated on a topic of their study (by subscribing to their channel) or simply referring to a topic by learning from experts. It would only be fair to say that YouTube has made a student’s life much more stress-free, as all the information that you need is just a video away.

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Author: Andreena Sung