Career options after B.A are very rare to find today as the employment eligibility has changed drastically now. Anyone with a B.A degree only, holds no importance and has to have a post graduation degree or any vocational studies certificate to seek a sound job. Let’s find out what to do after B.A.

Here are some career options to choose from for B.A graduates

Completing graduation is considered to be one of the biggest landmarks in the academic career of any student. However, along with the satisfaction of being a qualified graduate degree holder, students are puzzled to figure out, ‘What after this’, which continues to haunt them until they make their choice. Making an intelligent career choice after graduation is very important because that is what is going to determine the future course of your academic as well as professional career.

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Arts graduates often have this problem at a compounded level of career options after B.A. When it comes to career choices and lucrative job offers, arts graduates are always at disadvantage. With limited-number of career choices and average job opportunities, arts graduates are left with no other options but to continue further higher or vocational studies to acquire jobs.

Students want job after their graduation and they want it as early as possible. The youngsters throng for jobs that will gain them experience and easy money at a very early age.

Teaching as profession

Teaching field is one of the great opportunities for B.A students for employment but for that one has to either do Bachelors of Education (BEd), Nursery Teachers Training (NTT), have to clear UGC NET test after doing Masters or PhD in a subject of specialisation.

Opportunities for B.A students are that they can explore their further educational extension in the subject they have done their majors in. Sociology, psychology, English, Political science, geography, history, Hindi etc. are a few subjects to specialise in their Masters after B.A.

Central Government jobs after BA

After doing B.A, a student can prepare competitive examinations to get government jobs and voluntarily posts at Govt and Govt aided organisations. B.A graduates can secure employment in the entry level in Central Government sectors after completing B.A in Sociology. These graduates can also appear for the central government examinations such as UPSC, SSC, etc. To enter into a job in government departments they can enter in these sectors as consultants, program managers, policy analysts, etc. Mentioned below are some of the employment sectors

  • Social services
  • Community work
  • Child-care or community development agencies
  • Business
  • Health services
  • Counseling centers
  • Estate, personnel work, training, or sales

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Other jobs options after B.A

B.A graduates with English as their subject can also start their own tuition centre. This can be a source of income and at the same time they can also study. Other than this, career options after B.A. include:

  • Advertising
  • Author
  • English teacher
  • KPO Firms
  • BPOs
  • Publishing
  • Research
  • Scriptwriter
  • Teaching
  • Translation
  • Writing

Well, choosing a career will always create a puzzle in a student life but, to have a well settled life an individual should study more and thrive to get a better job. There are only few jobs after B.A that will not give enough exposure to the students to run in life. More knowledge,  more job opportunities is the way of life.