What are the career prospects and job prospects in floriculture?

Floriculture or flower farming is a part of horticulture which is connected with the cultivation of flowering and ornamental plants for gardens and floristry. The major occupation of floriculturists is to develop new varieties of plant breeding.

In India, Floriculture industry comprises flower trade, production of nursery plants and potted plants, seed and bulb production, micro propagation and extraction of essential oils. The annual domestic demand for the flowers is growing at a rate of over 25 per cent and international demand at around Rs 90,000 crore, The share of india’s international market is negligible. In floriculture India has a blooming future.


The employment opportunities in this field are as varied as the nature of work itself. One can join the field of floriculture as farm/ estate managers, plantation experts and supervisors, project coordinators, etc. Besides one can work as consultant, and landscape architect with proper training. One can also work as entrepreneur and offer employment to others. In addition, the scope is wide in research also.