What is the Role of an Online Security Analyst?


An Online Security Analyst’s Job is more interesting than that of a regular programmer as it is like solving a mystery where one needs to hack into a company’s website , find out the security loopholes , and make them penetration proof.  An online security analyst’s responsibility includes ensuring that all networks have adequate security firewalls to protect all sensitive information within a company.

Educational Qualification:

A person with a background in computer science can go ahead and pursue a certificate course that will help him to start career in this industry. Asian School of Cyber Law offers courses in cyber law and security. Month-long hacking courses such as those conducted by Ankit Fadia are available in more than 100 cities across India. They can also pursue a year-long PG diploma in Cyber Security and a two-year masters’ degree in cyber law and cyber security offered by IMT Ghaziabad. Some of the most well-known certifications are offered by the International Council of E-commerce.

Skills Required:

A keen interest in networking and programming skills is essential in this field. Being computer savvy and having a love of gadgets too will stand you in good stead. However, the most important skill required to be a successful online analyst is the ability to stay abreast with the newest developments in the field of computers and the skill to think like a criminal.

Career Outlook:

In recent years there has been an alarming increase in the number of email frauds and other cyber crime cases, owing to which the demand for online security analyst has proliferated. A latest report of NASSCOM states that there is a demand for more than two lakh information security professionals worldwide.  Online security analysts are hired by leading companies, especially banking institutions, to secure their website as well as online transactions. Several companies commonly employ a dedicated team of ethical hackers who avert cyber crime on a regular basis.

Salary Information:

Due to the demand in this industry, starting salary is about Rs. 4 – 6 lakh per annum and experienced professionals can earn a salary of 30 to 40 lakh per annum.