Here is a request from One of our regular visitors (Bhimsen Chaudhary)  to Medical Council of India (MCI)  to reschedule the NEET-PG Examination

Here is what he had to say :

Sub: Regarding PG Medical Examinations to be held for Admission Session 2013.

We will be highly obliged if the MCI could look into the examination schedule and try to re-schedule at least with a gap of 10 days in each PG Medical examination.

Following is an example of the examinations to be held for Admission session 2013.

Examination Name/Body Date of Examination Center of Examination

PGI Chandigarh 18.11.2012 Chandigarh only

AIIMS 18.11.2012 Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Guwahati

DNB 17TH Nov. to 20th Nov. 2012 33 Centers – throught India

NEET (PG) 23RD Nov.2012 to 6th Dec.2012. 33 Centers – throught India

Please note PGI Chandigarh & AIIM PG Medical Examination conducted on the same day. Therefore the many aspirants lost their chances of trying both examinations, since the PG seats are quite few and deserving candidates are plenty.

Since PGI & AIIMS examinations are most prestigious, the Governing Bodies of both these Examinations should re-think that both the exams should not be conducted on the same day. If the Governing Bodies re-schedule the examination dates with due gaps in between, then they will get all the blessings from the deserving candidates.

For PGI Chandigarh PG Examination have single Centre in Chandigarh City only, hence all the candidates from throughout India have to appear in Chandigarh only. As well as the Result would be declared on the next day i.e. on 19th or max. on 20th November 2012. Hence candidates have to wait there only as unable to go to native place and come back again. While AIIMS Examination having 5 Centers, Namely  1. Chennai 2. Delhi 3. Kolkata 4. Mumbai 5. Guwahati

Similarly DNB & NEET may be having more Centers, may be in 33 cities as per the notification published in news papers. But should have minimum 10 days gap in between, then many candidates would have appeared in both the examinations.

You may be aware that now a day to have PG Degree for a Medical aspirant is more essential to show his skills in his Specialty. Therefore it is imperative to provide the necessary infrastructure for them by the Government so that the brain drain can be stopped. If the necessary Examination Governing authorities & Govt. Body (Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Govt of India ) could understand & solve the problems of Students to avoid the same day examination, it will be the Golden day of 21st era.

We hope the concern authorities would do the needful and have blessings of all aspitrant candidates.

Thanks & Regards,