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Masters programme in education offered by IGNOU

Master’s programme in education offered by IGNOU

The innovative Master of Arts (education) programme offered by IGNOU’s School of Education provides comprehensive understanding of education covering a variety of areas within education.


The course will help you acquire a higher level of specialization in a specific aspect of education. The aspects included are,


A. Higher education,

B. Distance education,

C. Educational technology,

D. Educational management

The objective of the course is to produce well-trained professionals who are knowledgeable in education and its various dimensions. More specifically, it intends to:

(a) Provide a learning-experience, which will enable you to understand and appreciate knowledge structures and paradigms of education,

(b) Develop professionals for effective participation in different areas of education, and

(c) Create a community of scholars adequately equipped for participation in educational discourse.

Total number of credit: 68. You must cover 34 credits each year. The dissertation work in second year carries 10 credits.

A candidate having a Bachelor’s degree (any discipline) with/without a degree in education is eligible for the course. You can complete the programme in a minimum of two years and in a maximum of five years.

The multi-media instructional mode combines self-instructional print material, audio/video components, assignments, counseling sessions, teleconferencing, interactive radio counseling and dissertation work. for more info check out IGNOU Courses

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