What is Corporate Communication?


For administrating a business efficiently, good communication must be established between the management and staff as well as with the suppliers, investors and customers. Communication plays a major role in the conception, implementation, monitoring and reporting on all corporate or business activities.

Major companies or organizations consider communication as an effective tool to expand their business and they have their own communication team with efficient communicators. Here comes the importance of corporate communication.

Corporate communication is the communication process that is mainly used for corporate or business purposes which takes place within and beyond the organization. The term is widely used to describe a variety of management functions related to an organization’s internal and external communications. Internal corporate communication refers to the communication within an organization that may include group discussions, motivational activities, business meetings, conferences, presentations etc.

Corporate communication may often be confused with public relation. Though both fields involves the monitoring and evaluating of public attitudes between an organization and public, corporate communication is far more an intense and strategic method of communication than public relations. Depending on the situation, corporate communication has to communicate strategically and has to come out with different solutions for different scenarios. As a whole, corporate communication is a broad field which covers several other fields like advertising, public relations, investor relations, brand management, internal communication, event promotion, marketing, crisis control etc.

The field of corporative communication has undergone radical developments over the years and has become an exciting and full-fledged career option. Those with flair communication skills can excel in this lucrative business field. Job openings in corporate communication have also increased as the companies are becoming more serious about its reputation and image.

It is the corporate communicator or corporate communication managers who are responsible for creating and maintaining the brand and looking after the organization’s reputation. Almost all the communicative functions of a company with various national and international organizations are carried out by these people.