Do you feel curious about how the aircraft flies high in the air or how satellites up there transmit telephonic and TV signals? Or how does a non living thing travels and even sends us pictures of outer space while there is no person handling it? Then Aeronautical Engineering could possibly be the perfect career for you.

This article focuses on all important concepts regarding Aeronautical Engineering as career option in India read this article full to know more about area of specialisaton, post graduation ,recruitment and top colleges of aeronautical engineering in India

All about Aeronautical Engineering

Aeronautical/ Aerospace Engineering is one of the most technically sophisticated branches of engineering. It deals with the development of new technological know-how in the field of aviation, space exploration and security systems. It focuses on designing, development, advancement, testing, operation and protection of both commercial and military aircrafts, spacecrafts and their parts as well as satellites and missiles. The primary trust in this area is on design and development, which usually stretches to also space and satellite researching. Aeronautical engineers in most cases work in groups under the supervision of senior engineers, bringing together their expertise and specialized competence. One has to be alert and also have an eye for details and should have a high degree of mathematical accuracy.

Area of specialisation

The specialization includes in areas like design, navigation guidance and control systems, instruments and communication or production methods or even it can be in a specific product like as military aircrafts, passenger planes, helicopters, satellites, rockets and so on. Engineers could work in managerial and also teaching posts in institutes as well.


Minimal eligibility is passing 12th with no less than 60% in PCM. Individual skills like problem resolving skills, ability to work quick and under stress, think fast and perform in a group are just what make a successful aeronautical Engineer.

List of Post Graduate Courses in Aeronautical engineering in India

  • E. Aeronautical Engineering
  • Tech. Aerospace Engineering
  • Master of Engineering – Avionics
  • Master of Engineering- Aeronautical Engineering
  • PhD program in aeronautical engineering

Colleges offering Aeronautical Engineering Courses

Top aeronautical engineering colleges

  • Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IIT Bombay)
  • Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (IIT Kanpur)
  • Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur (IIT KGP)
  • Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT Madras)
  • PEC University of Technology
  • Bengal Engineering and Science University
  • Manipal Institute of Technology, Karnataka
  • Amrita Institute of Technology and Sciences – Tamil Nadu
  • Sathyabama University
  • Acharya Institute of Technology
  • Amrita School of Engineering
  • M.V.J. College of Engineering

Job description of Aeronautical Engineering in India

  • Designing the body of aircraft – including shape testing, manufacturing materials selection, strength and structural modelling
  • Studying and modelling the performance of an aircraft for stability and control, developing automated control systems and testing of aircraft.
  • Studying the aerodynamic forces of moving aircraft, examining machine profile for reduction of drag
  • Designing and improving performance of aircraft components and systems
  • Supervising the construction of aircraft in line with safety and design requirements

Key recruiters in India

Pawan Hans Ltd, Helicopter Corporation of India (HAL), DRDO, ISRO, Air India, Indian Airlines

Helicopter Corporation of India, DRDL, National Aerospace Laboratories (NAL), ADE

Civil Aviation department, Private air lines, Flight clubs

This article has compiled information from various sources to enrich your knowledge regarding job prospects and scope of Aeronautical engineering as career option with a hope to help our subscribers in choosing their desired field of aeronautical engineering as a profession.