What is the future of MBA in telecom management?

Answer :

Now -a- days telecom sector is among the fastest growing sectors in our country. Currently there are well over 45million mobile users in India and this number is growing very rapidly. The broad-band/ digital cable demand is also increasing very fast in the country.

Therefore, the future for telecom professionals is very bright. Professionals in the area of sales and marketing are required to market the products, which include mobile phones, broad-band technology, Internet services, computerised equipment etc.

While the engineers manufacture, repair and maintain telecommunication gadgets, marketing professionals are required to explain to consumers the different areas of usage of the various products and services to ensure sales.

This is a business activity that involves various aspects such as market research, product development, promotion, pricing, sales and distribution. A marketing professional could be employed mainly with mobile telephone service providers; satellite and cable networks; electronic shops and retail outlets; government and private sector companies etc.

So, the telecom professionals job opportunities are open in the area of marketing of different telecom services. Several opportunities are emerging in the areas of networking, telecom protocols such as ISDN, wireless protocols such as GSM, as well as those providing the cables, the hardware and equipment that is going to provide employment in the future. A degree in telecom management will give a great boost to your career, particularly if you are from engineering background with E&C stream.

* Symbiosis Institute of Telecom Management, Pune is the best for Telecom Management course.

* MIT School of Telecom Management, Pune is also the best college and the placement of this college is quite good.