What are the career options in Event Management?

Answer :

Event Management is one of the fastest and the most glamorous upcoming professions today, it has attracted a lot of today’s youths. Glitz , glamor and style being associated with important social and corporate events like marriages, birthday parties, company conferences, seminars, workshops, product launches and a host of other activities.

Clients come to the Event Management Company with a very vague idea of what type of event they want. Events could be anything from concerts, product launches, conferences, promotions, press conferences and farewells to television based events, fashion shows, wedding parties, it could be just anything. The Event Management Company is required to submit an initial project report describing the basic structure of the event and the finances involved. Based on this report, the client gives the assignment to the Company. Now, it becomes the job of the Event Managers & Planners to turn their dream into a reality.

Nature of Job

An event manager has to first design the basic framework, after which he prepares the marketing plans, hunts for sponsors, works on the logistics, decides the venue/location, contacts vendors, prints invitation cards, selects menus, hires performers, arranges for transport, and on the D’ Day co-ordinates, plans and finalizes every aspect of the event. For an Event Manager, Innovation is the key to success, so it’s very important for him to have a creative mind.

The skills required to be a successful Event Manager are lot of careful planning, patience and discipline.

Educational Qualifications

In terms of educational qualifications, a graduation is enough to start with. But one should possess the following virtues too to be in the industry.

Leadership qualities

Negotiating skills

Public-relationship skills

Coordinating skills

Marketing and business acumen


Risk Management

Apart from all these, Analyzing, Critical thinking and Problem solving abilities are a must in this profession. You should be able to acknowledge a problem, devise a way to solve it as soon as possible and avoid recurring of the same fault in the future.

A candidate opting for a diploma course in Event Management is required to pass the Higher Secondary or 10 + 2 course in any discipline. However, for a post graduate diploma a Graduation in any stream is a must.

Based on market research, amongst the job openings in Event Management are those in the following departments:

Visualizing concepts






One can also select a few areas of Event Specialization that include:

Product Launching

Corporate Meetings & seminars

Fashion shows

Musical concerts

Wedding parties


Certificate Course in Event Management Institutes:

Amity Institute of Event Management, New Delhi,

Institute of Tourism & Future Management Trends (ITFT), Chandigarh

The International Center for Event Marketing & Management (ICEM), New Delhi

Diploma in Event Management Institutes:

National Academy of Event Management & Development (NAEMD), Mumbai

College of Event & Management (COEM), Pune

Event Management Development Institute (EMDI), Mumbai

International Institute of Event Management (IEM), Mumbai

National Institute for Media Studies, Ahmedabad

Post Graduate Diploma in Event Management Institutes:

National Academy of Event Management & Development (NAEMD), Mumbai

Amity Institute of Event Management, New Delhi

Empire Institute of Learning (EIL), Mumbai

Event Management Development Institute (EMDI), Mumbai

Institute of Tourism & Future Management Trends (ITFT), Chandigarh

Post Graduate Diploma in Event Management & Public Relations Institutes:

Apeejay Institute of Mass Communication, New Delhi

Event Management Development Institute (EMDI), Mumbai

Job Prospects:

Today, there is a wide range of Event Management Services in India that include: corporate events, artist & celebrity management, sets and stage performances, event consultation, event staffing, advertising events, road shows, promotions, trade shows, political events & marketing events.