What are the different Careers in Air Force ?

Answer :

Air force careers do not only deal with fighter planes and pilots. There are many other job opportunities in the air force careers. If you are skilled and having interest in this field, then a bright career is waiting for you. There are various departments in Air Force which offer various job opportunities in Air Force. Air force careers offer numerous job opportunities in the field like administrative careers, flight careers, electronics careers, mechanical careers, technical and non-technical careers and healthcare careers.

Job opportunities in Air Force:

There are various departments in Air Force which offers numerous job opportunities. In mechanical careers of Air Force include radio systems, munitions, vehicles, environmental structures and maintenance of air-crafts.

In administrative department, there are various job positions for daily operations which include program management, equipment, housing and food. Also, administrators in Air Force are responsible for logistic works, air transportation, material management resource management, and radio communication systems.

Air force careers are offered in a wide range of categories including intelligence logistics, air traffic control, communications linguistics and biomedical equipment. The trained electronic professionals are employed in Air Force on various positions like avionics systems, aircraft guidance, space, radar, surveillance and missile.

In health care department of air force is an important department. Healthcare department offer various job opportunities for healthcare professional including physicians, dentists, nurses, biomedical sciences as well as administration staff.

Following are some of the job positions in Air Force:

Aerial Gunner Apprentice:

As an aerial gunner apprentice, you operate airborne weapon systems and related equipment. Aerial gunner apprentice perform tasks which include briefing passengers as needed and carrying out pre flight and post flight weapons equipment inspections.

Flight Engineer:

There are two job positions as flight engineer; one is helicopter flight engineer and other is performance qualified flight engineer. As flight engineer, you have to carry out pre flight, through flight and post flight inspections of aircraft. You will be computing and applying aircraft weight, balance and performance data. You will also be compiling data on takeoffs, climbs, cruises, etc. It will be your responsibility to update the flight engineer’s log.

Aerospace Medical Service Apprentice:

As an aerospace medical service apprentice, you need to carry out technical nursing duties which involve the caring and treating of patients.

Network Infrastructure Apprentice:

In Air Force, computers are used extensively. As a network infrastructure apprentice, you need to work various types of computers ranging from desktop computers to mainframe computers. You also have dealt with computer peripherals like disk drives, printers, visual display units and tape drives. Other commonly used equipment is electronic multiplexing systems, telephone switching systems and other communications equipment.

Eligibility and Qualifications for Air Force Career

Educational qualification depends on the career that you are opting for. However, for most of the air force careers, bachelor’s degree is required. There are some special job positions which require some special and additional training program to be done.