What is Production Designer? How much one can earn?

Answer :

A Production Designer works alongside an art director and is responsible for the design element in the film. It includes understanding and designing the sets (exterior or interior) as per the requirements of the script. Production designers have to be in sync with the other departments of a film.


One has to understand the design/ architecture aspects very well to become a successful production designer. One has to be creative and have an aesthetic understanding of cinema and should be able to visualize well. Knowledge of relevant software is also essential. Besides this, patience, diligence and the ability to work for long hours are also prerequisites for a production designer.


It is tough in the beginning like any other job. It always helps to assist someone in a production house to learn the nitty-gritties of the profession. It is hard in the beginning but you will get an all-time high to see your sketches turn into a larger than life reality.


Freshers can expect to earn around Rs 1, 000 per day but with experience one can earn upto Rs 5, 000 per day. As an art director, you are entitled to production design fees and a contract to execute the set which includes profits. Sky is the limit for experienced professionals.


The scope for a production designer is tremendous. It’s a full fledged industry of its own with a net worth of millions. With a number of Hollywood corporations beginning to set shop in India, the sun seems to be shining brightly on this industry.