Major Waterfalls in India| Famous Waterfalls in India


List of Major Waterfalls in India:   In most of the Government Exams such as SSC RRB, Banks, etc. questions related to Waterfalls in India are asked in their General Awareness Section. Here we have prepared the List of Major Waterfalls in India to help you to improve your general knowledge. 


List of Major Waterfalls in India


Name of the WaterfallsHeightLocation
Agaya Gangai92 metres (302 ft)Namakkal, Tamil Nadu
Bahuti Falls198 metres (650 ft)Mauganj, Rewa , Madhya Pradesh
Barehipani Falls399 metres (1,309 ft)Mayurbhanj , Odisha
Barkana Falls259 metres (850 ft)Shimoga , Karnataka
Beadon Falls120 metres (390 ft)East Khasi Hills , Meghalaya
Bishop Falls135 metres (443 ft)East Khasi Hills , Meghalaya
Bundla Falls100 metres (330 ft)kaimur  bihar
Chachai Falls130 metres (430 ft)Rewa , Madhya Pradesh
Dabbe falls110 metres(360 ft)Shivamogga, Sagar, Karnataka
Dudhsagar Falls310 m(1017 feet)Karnataka and Goa
Duduma Falls157 metres (515 ft)Border of Koraput (Odisha) and Visakhapatnam (Andhra Pradesh)
Gatha Falls91 metres (299 ft)Panna , Madhya Pradesh
Hebbe Falls168 metres (551 ft)Chikkamagaluru , Karnataka
Hundru Falls98 metres (322 ft)Ranchi , Jharkhand
Jog Falls253 metres (830 ft)Shimoga , Karnataka
Joranda Falls181 metres (594 ft)Mayurbhanj , Odisha
Kalhatti Falls122 metres (400 ft)Chikkamagaluru , Karnataka
Keoti Falls130 metres (430 ft)Rewa , Madhya Pradesh
Keppa Falls116 metres (381 ft)Uttara Kannada , Karnataka
Khandadhar Falls244 metres (801 ft)Kendujhar  & Sundergarh , Odisha
Koosalli Falls116 metres (381 ft)Udupi, Karnataka
Kunchikal Falls455 metres (1,493 ft)Shimoga , Karnataka
Kune Falls200 metres (660 ft)Pune , Maharashtra
Kynrem Falls305 metres (1,001 ft)East Khasi Hills , Meghalaya
Lodh Falls143 metres (469 ft)Latehar , Jharkhand
Lower Ghaghri Falls98 metres (322 ft)Latehar , Jharkhand
Magod Falls198 metres (650 ft)Uttara Kannada , Karnataka
Meenmutty Falls300 metres (984 feet)Wayanad , Kerala
Nohkalikai Falls340m (1115 feet)East Khasi Hills , Meghalaya
Nohsngithiang Falls or Mawsmai Falls315 metres (1,033 ft)East Khasi Hills , Meghalaya
Palani Falls150 metres (490 ft)Kullu , Himachal Pradesh
Pandavgad Falls107 metres (351 ft)Thane, Maharashtra
Rajat Prapat107 metres (351 ft)Hoshangabad , Madhya Pradesh
Shivanasamudra Falls98 metres (322 ft)Chamarajanagar , Karnataka
Soochipara Falls, 200 metres (656 feet)Wayanad , Kerala
Sweet Falls96 metres (315 ft)East Khasi Hills , Meghalaya
Thalaiyar Falls297 metres (974 ft)Batlagundu, Dindigul , Tamil Nadu
Thoseghar Waterfalls350 metres (1,150 ft) Satara Maharashtra
Vajrai Falls260 metres (853 ft)Satara , Maharashtra
Vantawng Falls230 metres (750 ft)Serchhip , Mizoram


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