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Rohit Shetty Biography and Net worth


One of the most recognised film directors of Bollywood, Indians are already familiar with the name Rohit Shetty. A film director, stuntman, producer and a television host, his movies often consist of genres like action, comedy and masala films, which are basically mixing multiple genres into one work.

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Brief Bio

Full Name: Rohit Shetty

Age: 48 years

Height: 1.78m 

Weight: 80 kg (approx)

Profession: Film director  

Net Worth: $38M (approx)

As one of the most sought after directors in the Bollywood industry, the net-worth of Shetty does not come as a surprise to most of us. Rohit Shetty is considered as one of the highest paid directors in the industry and according to reports he charges a staggering 25 Crores per movie direction. In addition to this, his net worth also includes his income from his production house, hosting and judging reality shows and some occasional advertisements that he does for different brands. According to reports, he earns more than 3 Crores per month. He also earns an additional 2 Crores each year from endorsements and sponsorships and charges 5 Crores for each endorsement. 

Early years

Rohit Shetty was born on 11 March, 1974 to Muddu Babu Shetty (a stuntman, actor and action choreographer) and Ratna Shetty, in Bombay, Maharashtra. Since childhood, Shetty was heavily influenced by his father working in films and wanted to work in the films himself. Despite common stereotypes, he was good at studying. He completed his high school from St. Mary’s High School and Junior College, Mumbai. Due to his father’s influence and extreme interest in films he joined the industry at the mere age of 17.

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1991- 2002:

  • Shetty, due to his desire to work in the Hindi Cinema and his passion for films started working at an early age with his first project at the mere age of 17.
  •  His first project was Phool Aur Kaante where he worked as an assistant director, which coincidentally was also Ajay Devgn’s first film.
  • The film was extremely successful and emerged as a major box-office success for that year. It also garnered positive reviews from critics and audiences. 
  • He also worked with Devgn in Suhaag, which was again a box-office hit and garnered positive reviews. He also worked as a body double for Akshay Kumar in the film.
  • He further worked in a bunch of movies as an assistant director in the start of his career, the list of which is given below:-
  1. Phool Aur Kaante 
  2. Suhaag 
  3. Haqeeqat
  4. Zulmi 
  5. Pyaar To Hona Hi Tha 
  6. Hindustan Ki Kasam
  7. Raju Chacha
  • Most of the movies mentioned above received positive reviews from the critics and the audiences and were box-office hits and some even still continue to remain classics of that time period.


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  • Shetty made his debut as an independent director in the year 2003 with the film Zameen, which starred Ajay Devgn, Abhishek Bachchan and Bipasha Basu, which in all honesty was an average grosser.
  •  The infamous cult comedy film series that shot Shetty to an all time fame, i.e, Golmaal: Fun Unlimited, was released in 2006 starring Ajay Devgn as the main lead. 
  • The fim was a commercial success, with the film grossing 467.2 million rupees against a budget of 150 million rupees, and was praised by critics especially Joshi for his impeccable acting.
  • The next two films directed by Shetty were directorial hits too; with Sunday released in 2008 and Golmaal Returns in the same year as well. 
  • The year 2008 solidified Shetty as one of the best and top directors in Bollywood with his back to back hits.
  • 2009 was followed by the release of the film All the Best: Fun Begins which was again a commercial and a critical success.


  • The next part of the widely awaited and successful Golmaal series was released in 2010, named Golmaal 3 again starring Devgn. The movie was extremely successful and became the first blockbuster that entered the 100 Crore Club, domestically. 
  • 2011 saw the release of yet another film of Rohit Shetty that still continues to remain iconic, i.e.Singham (again with Ajay Devgn). The film, as we all know was very successful with it earning a worldwide total of 1.57 billion rupees against a 410 million rupees budget, making it yet again a box-office blockbuster. 
  • The same year he released yet another blockbuster, Bol Bachchan, starring Abhishek Bachchan in the main lead role. This movie too was a hit and crossed the 100 Crore Club domestically. 
  • 2013 was the year that established Shetty as possibly one of the best directors of his time in the Hindi Cinema.
  • This year witnessed the release of Chennai Express starring Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone. The film grossed a massive 17.4 million dollars in the overseas market and became the third-highest grossing Bollywood film overseas for that year. 
  • It also broke a couple of records like the highest opening-day gross, highest paid preview, highest single-day gross, biggest opening weekend, highest opening week and the fastest film to reach 100 Crore and 2 Billion rupees in the Indian market. 
  • 2014 brought the release of Singham Returns. Shetty was also a part of the fifth season of the game show Khatron Ke Khiladi, as a host. 
  • Dilwae was then released in 2015, followed by Shetty reprising his role as the host of Khatron Ke Khiladi Season 6 and Season 8-11. 


  • Golmaal Again was directed and released by Shetty in 2017 and received mixed reviews. 
  • 2018 brought forward the highly anticipated release of Simmba starring Ranveer Singh and Sara Ali Khan in lead roles. 
  • Sooryavanshi was released in 2021, releasing to positive response from the audience and becoming the highest-grossing film of the year. 


  • According to a variety of sources, it has been reported that Shetty has many assets be it in property or cars. 
  • He reportedly has a designer luxury house in Navi Mumbai, which is a two-storeyed building that he bought in 2013. The estimated value of the house is about 6 Crores. 
  • Along with this, he also owns multiple real-estate properties in the country.
  • The director also has a remarkable collection of luxury cars.
    Cars owned by Rohit Shetty 
              Approximate Price      
      Ford Mustang GT
              74.6 Lakhs INR 
        BMW X6 Sport 
                  1 Crore INR
        Range Rover Vogue
                2.1 Crore INR
        Maserati Gran Turismo
                2.25 Crore INR
        Lamborghini Urus
                3.10 Crore INR


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Personal Life


Rohit Shetty was born on 11 March, 1974 to Muddu Babu Shetty (a stuntman, actor and action choreographer) and Ratna Shetty (a junior artist in Bollywood) in Bombay, Maharashtra. Uday Shetty, Mahek Shetty, Kiran Shetty, Hriday Shetty, Chanda Shetty, and Chaya Shetty are the names of the siblings of Rohit Shetty. According to sources, his sisters Chanda and Poonam are his step-sisters and were born from Ratna Shetty’s first marriage and were later adopted by M.B Shetty. 


Rohit Shetty married Maya Rohit Shetty, a banker in 2005. They have a son named Ishan Shetty as well. The marriage was apparently an arranged marriage. However, according to some sources which are largely classified as rumors since there is no evidence for them, it is believed that while during the shoot of the movie Bol Bachchan, Rohit Shetty and the actress Prachi Desia got into a relationship and had an affair. The  rumors also state that Shetty was apparently going to divorce his wife for Desai and moved in with her as well, but when things didn’t work out he moved back with his wife. However, as said earlier most of these were rumors with no evidence backing them


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Top 10 Hits

  • Simmba – 240.22 Crore 
  • Chennai Express- 226.7Crore 
  • Golmaal Again- 205.72 Crore 
  • Singham Returns- 151 Crore 
  • Dilwale- 148 Crore 
  • Golmaal 3- 106.3 Crore 
  • Bol Bachchan- 102 Crore 
  • Singham- 100 Crore 
  • Golmaal Returns- 51.9 Crore 
  • All the best- Fun begins- 41.75Crore