The Full form of VOLTE is Voice over Long Term Evolution. VoLTE is a standards-based high speed wireless technology that is developed to support voice calls over an LTE network. It delivers high-quality voice communication, messaging services, video calls, and data over 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) networks or 4G wireless network for mobile and portable devices. When a user makes a call using VoLTE supported phone, then instead of its voice network, it goes over the carrier’s high-speed data network. Thus, it offers faster call connectivity, superior call quality, and ability to use high-speed data and voice at the same time.

However, the user needs to use a phone that supports VoLTE in an area with 4G LTE service and the receiver on the other end must also have the same facilities. In VoLTE the call is carried over the IP network that is provided by the 4G network. It uses the user’s 4G data connectivity to send data packets for voice calls, e.g., when he make calls using the internet like skype call, whatsapp call, etc. The benefits of VoLTE are that it enables the user to use data and voice at the same time and also enables HD (high definition) voice calling, which is a significant improvement over traditional calls made via cellular networks.