The Full form of VFX is Visual Effects. It is abbreviated as VFX. It is a process by which imagery is created, altered, manipulated, or enhanced for a moving media that is outside the context of a live action shooting. VFX is a technology that is used to create images or videos out of a combination of digital images and live action shots. In many action movies, we have seen the hero fighting with giant monsters, moving with aliens or in a spaceship, or jumping from the helicopter, all these scenes are created using VFX.

It deals with the consolidation of CGI (Computer-Generated Imagery) and footage of real life to make situations, which look sensible and real, otherwise would be risky, costly, and impractical to shoot on film. As VFX is flexible, so it can be used to create a wide range of videos from altered videos, live footage visuals, and computer-generated imageries. The most commonly used tool in VFX is a green screen background that can be easily removed from behind the actor after creating the required videos or images on the background.

Physically, this kind of visual effects cannot be created on a film, so they are created through computer generated graphics. VFX can be categorized into 5 different categories which are; Animation, Simulation FX, Modelling, Compositing, and Matte painting.