The Full form of TBT is Throwback Thursday. TBT is one of the widely used hashtags (#) on social media now days. It is a popular trend on internet that is used among social media platforms. It refers to a weekly posting trend on social media and # (hashtag) game used by users to look back and share their memorable or favourite moments, so it got a theme – “throwback”, which can be used for almost any event that happened in the past.

Any person can participate in the TBT trend by simply posting or sharing content on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or Instagram to talk about a past event. The post can be a photo just a few days ago or from years ago. It offers a way so that people can post more about themselves. A person is not required to have thousands of followers or to be a social media star to use TBT.

He just needs to have something interesting to post about the past and tag it with #TBT, #Throwback Thursday, or #Throwback etc. When a person uses TBT, he’ll be able to accomplish crucial things such as: increased engagement, increased audience, improved brand awareness, etc.