The Full form of SSLC is Secondary School Leaving Certificate. SSLC is a certificate which students get after completing their study at the secondary level of schooling. It is basically an eligibility examination for getting admission in higher secondary school which is mainly popular in India. Students will get the Secondary School Leaving Certificate after passing the grade 10 public examination which is commonly referred to as ‘class 10 board examinations’. SSLC is a common eligibility examination which is popular in many states in India, especially Karnataka, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu.

In India, the schooling is divided into three groups as: Primary Schooling, Secondary Schooling and High School or Pre University Course. The first or initial 5 years of education is known as primary schooling, the next 5 years, from class 6th to class 10th is known as secondary schooling and the last two years of schooling, from class 10th to class 12th is known as High School or Pre University Course. After that a student can apply for graduation. During the time when registration of births and deaths was not mandatory in India, the SSLC certificate was used as the primary form of proof for DOB (date of birth). Those born before 1989, it is still considered as a valid form of proof for date of birth.