The Full form of SLA is Service-Level Agreement. An SLA is a service level commitment between a service provider and a user. It is a document which entails the performance and quality of service that a service provider promises to deliver to the service user. It addresses several areas related to quality and service performance such as warranties, guarantees, customer support, performance measurement criteria etc.

It is considered as a key component in a legal contract between a service provider and user as it also describes the remedial actions and penalties if the service provider does not fulfill the commitment of delivering the service as it is mentioned in the SLA. This agreement is prepared in a simple language so that a user or a customer could clearly understand it. It may include some technical terms to define the quality and performance of service.

The most common component of an SLA is that the quality and performance of services should be provided to the consumer as agreed upon in the contract. For example, telecommunication companies and Internet service providers will commonly include SLAs (Service Level Agreements) within the terms and conditions of their contracts with customers to define and express the level of service being sold in plain language terms.