SAP Full Form

The Full form of SAP is Systems Applications and Products. SAP is Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) software which helps to run day to day business. SAP is the world’s largest leading enterprise software in the market, it was developed to integrates and implement all the areas of business in one system. SAP software suite maps financial, logistics, human resource and many other business processes. SAP is basically a centralized database software that helps a company in managing various applications like human resources, finance, logistics, etc. This system offers real time visibility across the entire enterprise. It can be used by every individual in the organization. It is a client-server-based software, also called as R/3 (Where “R” is real time data process & 3 is 3-tier) and the 3 tiers are Database, Application servers and Client. The advantages of SAP system are i.e. SAP system eliminates duplicate data, Business processes are standardized, Planning, tracking, scheduling & management, becomes easier, enables integration with E-commerce, cost-effective as it reduces administrative expenses, helps to automate reporting & monitoring of the projects, SAP helps to enhance Customer Service through better Customer Interaction, Offers consistency across the whole division, increases efficiency, productivity, and better management of resources.