The full form of PPT is PowerPoint Presentation. It is a presentation program and is one of the many programs that the Microsoft runs under Microsoft Office. It has an orange-coloured trademark and ‘P’ logo. Originally, Dennis Austin and Robert Gaskins had created it, which Microsoft had acquired later on. The PPT file contains images, sentences and sound in the form of a presentation.



You can create and edit photo and word files using this file. It boasts of converged user interface. These files have less chances to get corrupted. With the help of a PPT, users can display information using simple as well as complex presentations containing multimedia files. It is an important tool used for educational, daily lives and business purposes. Apart from Windows which is owned by Microsoft, PPT is also available for other platforms such as Apple, Android, iOS as well as the Web access. The first version of PPT was released in 1987 and currently, 16.0 version is in use.