Personal Identification Number


PIN Full Form – What is the Full form of PIN? 

PIN Full Form – Personal Identification Number or PIN is a numeric or alphanumeric passcode used by a user to access the user. The user may need authentication to access an account or a system. PIN is a passcode used for this purpose. PINs are commonly used to access bank accounts through ATMs or POS transactions. PINs were originally created for ATM and POS transactions only. PINs were initiated with the introduction of ATMs in the year 1967 in the city Barclays of London. Also, PINs are used to gain access and control any restricted or private information. The International Standard for Financial Services, it is said that the number of digits in a PIN code are to be 12 in number. However, for a user’s convenience, the number was reduced by three i.e. PINs now commonly have 4 digits and not more than 6 digits. However, several countries like Switzerland have made six-digit PIN code a mandatory length.