The Full form of PCC is Police Clearance Certificate. PCC is commonly issued to Passport holders of India when they apply for immigration, long term visa, residential status, or for the purpose of employment abroad. It is a legal document issued by the Police Department or a Government Agency to certify that the person/applicant has no criminal records.

PCC is required by the citizens of India who want to migrate to an international country for the residential stay, scope of employment, etc. Those who are going abroad for tourism purpose are not required to have this certificate. One should start the process early as it may take over a week to get a Police Clearance Certificate. The eligibility to acquire the PCC is that the person is required to have a valid Indian passport and address proof. The current address of the applicant must be the same as in the passport and other supporting documents.

There are many ways to apply to get the PCC in India, one of which is Online Form Submission. The application form can be downloaded from the Indian Mission website and submitted along with the supporting documents. The Indian Mission, on receipt of a PCC application and the required documents, will forward the application to concerned PIA (Passport Issuing Authority) in India.