Private Branch Exchange


PBX Full Form – What is the Full form of PBX? 

PBX Full Form – Private Branch Exchange or PBX is a telephone system in an enterprise that switches calls from users with different branches. It is done on local lines. It is more commonly known as Business Telephone System as it is used more extensively within a business company. PBX is advantageous not only for the company but also for the user or the client. PBX has proven to be more efficient and productive for businesses as it is cost-efficient and the service does not need much maintenance. It also enables the users to have a certain number of external phone lines. It is also free of charge but requires the internet. Also, as the name suggests, it is a private telephone network used within a company and is not provided by the government. In a public telephone network, one has to take multiple subscriptions in order to have each and every device equipped with the public telephone network. This is not the case in PBX ; one subscription can be used for many devices.