One Time Password


OTP Full Form – What is the Full form of OTP? 

OTP Full Form – One Time Password or NPCI is a sequence of numeric and alphanumeric characters which is generated automatically to verify the login or transaction of a user. It is also called one-time PIN, one-time authorization code or OTAC, and also dynamic password. As the name suggests, the code or password is valid for only one login session or transaction. OTPs save the user from attackers, hackers and crackers. It does this as it is generated by randomness and Cryptographic Hash Functions or CHF. Sometimes, it is pseudorandom, meaning that it only looks random but it has a predictable and repeatable process. However, CHF saves such OTPs from getting stolen by any outsider. Without CHF, attackers would not only have gotten the current OTP but also the future ones since pseudo randomness follows a pattern. OTPs also have a downside as they can be intercepted or rerouted, meaning that any attacker can change the destination of the OTP’s address from the user’s device to their device. They can be stolen through phishing, i.e. by impersonating the user. The insecure websites and many websites which seem secure do not generate secure OTPs.