The Full form of NSG is National Security Guard. The NSG is an elite unit for counter-terrorism under the Indian Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA). It was raised in the year 1984, following Akshardham Temple attack, Operation Blue Star, and the assassination of Indira Gandhi, “for curbing and combating terrorism with a view to protect Indian states against internal disturbances“. NSG is under the authority of Ministry of Home Affairs and is categorized under the uniform nomenclature of CAPF (Central Armed Police Forces). It has a Special Forces mandate, and its core operational capability is provided by the Special Action Group (SAG) which is drawn from the Indian Army.

The police component of NSG, the Special Rangers Group (SRG), is composed of personnel on deputation from other State Police Forces and Central Armed Police Forces. The National Security Guard commandos are also referred to as ‘The Black Cats’. As a specialized counter-terrorism force, it is intended to be used “only in exceptional situations” and is not meant to take over the “duties and functions of the Para Military Forces or the other State Police Forces”. Yet, its role was expanded over the years to provide personal security to influential politicians quite independent of the real threat that they face.