NGO Full Form

The Full form of NGO is Non-Governmental Organization. NGO is any non-profit, voluntary citizens’ group created to solve problems related to society, children, poor, environment etc. NGO work for the betterment and upliftment of socio-economically. NGO is an organization that is neither a governmental nor a conventional profit business. Usually, it is setup by ordinary people, citizens. It can be funded by State and Central Government, foundations, businesses etc. It can be organized on community based, city level, national level or international level. Sometimes, NGO’s are also referred to as Non Profit Organisations (NPO’s). NGO’s are nor “owned” by anyone and cannot distribute profits or earnings through the form of dividends as such. Whatever profits they may earn from their activities are reinvested or spent on appropriate non-profit activities. The typical sources of revenue to run NGO’s are donations, funding grants from unilateral and multi-lateral agencies, membership fees, miscellaneous sources and interest and dividends on investments. In India, the most Popular NGOs are: Sammaan Foundation, Goonj, Smile Foundation, Akshya Trust, Pratham, Udaan Welfare Foundation, Deepalaya, Uday Foundation, LEPRA Society, HelpAge India, Sargam Sanstha, Karmayog etc.