The Full form of NFC is Near Field Communication. NFC refers to a communication between electronic devices that are compatible for short range. In this, one of the devices acts as a transmitting device of NFC and another as a receiving device. The range of these devices should be within 10 cm. The underlying layers of NFC technology include ETSI, ISO, and ECMA standards. In Simple words, NFC is a short-range and high-frequency wireless technology for communication developed to exchange the data between devices.

It is considered as an upgrade of the existing proximity card standard. It allows a user to pay bills wirelessly, share the content between digital devices, or he can even use a cell phone for public transportation as an electronic travelling ticket using contactless infrastructure. The applications of NFC can be divided into the four basic categories: Touch and Go, Touch and Confirm, Touch and Connect, and Touch and Explore. NFC is based on older Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) ideas to transmit information which uses electromagnetic induction.

The power consumption of NFC is less than Bluetooth, which makes it compatible for passive devices such as resistors, inductors, capacitors, etc., as it can induce electric currents in the inactive components and send data.