The Full form of MNC is Multi National Corporation. An MNC refers to a company which is operating or conducting its business in two or more countries but it is managed from their home country where it is headquartered. MNC is also called stateless corporation, Multi National Enterprise (MNE), or transnational corporation. An MNC may have its offices, branches and factories in different countries, but a centralized head office where they coordinate global management is usually located in the country of origin.

East India Company can be considered as one of the earliest MNCs which visited India in the 17th century. Today, across the world, there are a number of renowned MNCs such as Microsoft, Apple Inc., Coca Cola, Pepsi Co, Samsung, Infosys, and Nike Inc., etc. Some notable advantages of an MNC is that it invests huge capital and introduces modern or upgraded technology in the host country.

it produces goods following the international standards at a large scale and it also focuses on the mass production of goods and services which ultimately minimizes the cost of production. It allows MNC to provide products or services at reasonable prices to people of host country. By paying income tax and various other taxes like GST and export duty, it contributes to the government revenue.