The Full form of MLC is Medicolegal Cases. MLCs are an integral part of medical practice that is frequently encountered by Medical Officers (MO). A MLC is defined as “any case of injury or ailment where, the attending doctor after history taking and clinical examination, considers that investigations by law enforcement agencies (and also superior military authorities) are warranted to ascertain circumstances and fix responsibility regarding the said injury or ailment according to the law”.



Currently, the occurrence of MLCs is on the increase, both in the Civil as well as in the Armed Forces. Proper handling and accurate documentation of these cases is of prime importance to avoid legal complications and to ensure that the NOK (Next of Kin) receive the entitled benefits. All medical officers working in hospitals / non medical units / field medical units encounter medicolegal issues which should be handled in accordance with the law of the land and directives issued by service headquarters.

The purpose of this memorandum is to provide general guidelines for Medical Officers of the AFMS (Armed Forces Medical Services) while dealing with commonly encountered situations which fall within the medicolegal domain. Medicolegal cases have to be attended round the clock without delay.