The Full form of the IRS is the Indian Revenue Service. IRS is the administrative revenue service of the Government of India. It is one of the Group A services. Established in 1953, IRS functions under the Department of Revenue in the Union Ministry of Finance. The IRS is a Central Civil Service concerned with the administration and collection of the various direct and indirect taxes that are acquired by the Union Government. Indian Revenue Service serves the country through the collection of revenue for security, development, and governance.

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In India, it plays a major role in the collection of taxes like Income Tax and Wealth Tax, which make a significant contribution to the total tax revenue in the country. The IRS is comprised of two branches: IRS (Income Tax) and IRS (Customs and Central Excise). These two branches are controlled by two separate statutory bodies: CBDT (Central Board of Direct Taxes), and CBEC (Central Board of Excise and Customs) respectively.

The IRS officers are also appointed to law enforcement and intelligence organizations such as the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), and Intelligence Bureau (IB). They also play an important role in exposing scams in the country. They are responsible for administration, compilation, and policy formation of direct and indirect tax, so they are called Tax administrators.