What is the Full form of IP? IP Full Form in Computers


IP Full Form – Full form of IP is Internet Protocol which refers to the name or label given to every device that communicates through each other over a computer network. It consists of 32-bit numbers. IP address has two versions, IPv4 and IPv6. Both of them define IP addresses in a different way. It is assigned by the host software. 
The IP is responsible for preparing the address logically. This is required to arrange the information or the email body before sending it to a targeted address. IP breaks the data into bundles of information and prepares them in different packets such as the destination, address, message, and route. IP only makes the packets and sends them to the targeted website. IP addresses can be Static and Dynamic.
 A static IP address is a permanent address which will never change and is assigned by an administrator. A dynamic IP address device changes its IP address every time when accessing the internet.
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