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INA Full Form, What is the Full form of INA?


INA Full Form

The Full form of INA is Indian National Airways. INA Ltd was an airline based in Delhi, India. R E Grant Govan was the founder of the airline, a Delhi based British industrialist who also co-founded the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) and the Cricket Club of India (CCI). Indian National Airways was formed on the basis of a government airmail contract. In May 1933, the company was started with a capital of Rs. 3 million by Govan Bros Ltd. In December 1933, with a weekly passenger and freight service between Calcutta and Rangoon as well as between Calcutta and Dhaka, it became the second airline to start operations in India. It also started a weekly service between Karachi and Lahore, a feeder service for Imperial Airways. By the year 1937, the airline had clocked over a million miles and made a slender annual profit.

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