INA Full Form

The Full form of INA is Indian National Airways. INA Ltd was an airline based in Delhi, India. R E Grant Govan was the founder of the airline, a Delhi based British industrialist who also co-founded the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) and the Cricket Club of India (CCI). Indian National Airways was formed on the basis of a government airmail contract. In May 1933, the company was started with a capital of Rs. 3 million by Govan Bros Ltd. In December 1933, with a weekly passenger and freight service between Calcutta and Rangoon as well as between Calcutta and Dhaka, it became the second airline to start operations in India. It also started a weekly service between Karachi and Lahore, a feeder service for Imperial Airways. By the year 1937, the airline had clocked over a million miles and made a slender annual profit.