The Full form of IMO is International Maritime Organization. It was formerly known as the Inter-Governmental Maritime Consultative Organization (IMCO). It is the specialized agency of the United Nations that is responsible for measures to improve maritime safety, environmental performance and security of international shipping. IMO aims to prevent marine and atmospheric pollution caused by ships.

IMO was established in 1948 through a convention adopted in Geneva. It is based in the United Kingdom and came into effect in 1958. IMO has 172 states and 3 associate members as of 2017. Shipping is an international industry. It can only work smoothly when the rules, regulations and standards are adopted, implemented, and agreed on a global basis. International Maritime Organization is the forum that deals with these procedures and by providing a regulatory framework; it ensures secure, safe, and efficient international shipping industry.

This framework is very effective, fair, and globally adopted and implemented. The IMO makes policies related to safety, security and environmental performance by shipping industry, international shipping, innovation, and efficiency. IMO’s regulatory framework and guidelines cover all aspects of international shipping such as ship construction, design, operations, equipment, disposal, including safe, secure, and energy-efficient international shipping. The promotion of maritime development and sustainable shipping is one of the major priorities of IMO in the next few years.