The Full form of IDE is Integrated Development Environment. IDE is an environment of programming that contains various things in a single package i.e. compiler, code editor, debugger and WYCIWYG (what you see is what you get). It is actually a software application that provides computer programmers with the comprehensive facilities for the development of software.

It is a combination of all the basic tools that the software developers need to test or write software. Integrated Development Environment allows an application developer to write code while debugging, compiling, and executing it at the same place. It can be a part of one or more compatible applications or can be a standalone application. For example: Microsoft Visual Studio is the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for developing .NET applications and the IDE for developing Java Application is JDeveloper, Eclipse, NetBeans, BlueJ, MyEclipse, RSA etc.

Some Integrated Development Environments are dedicated only to a specific programming language, allowing a set of features that most closely match the paradigms of the programming language. However, there are also many multiple-language IDEs. While most of the modern IDEs are graphical, text-based IDEs like Turbo Pascal were in popular use before the availability of windowing systems like the X Window System (X11) and Microsoft Windows. They commonly use hotkeys or function keys to execute frequently used macros or commands.