UPI Full Form

The Full form of UPI is Unified Payments Interface. UPI is a payment system that enables user to link more than one bank account in a single smartphone app and make fund transfers without having to provide IFSC code or account number. Unified Payment Interface (UPI) enables bank account holders to send and receive money from their smartphones without exposing sensitive account information like bank account details, account number, card no. and/or other. UPI allows customers to instantaneously transfer funds across different banks with the use of a unique identifier known as the Virtual Payment Address (VPA). UPI is available 24×7, 365 days including Sundays and any bank holidays. This is a real-time payment system where funds are credited instantly on a real-time basis. Apart from sending money, users will also be able to make ‘collect’ requests. A user will only have to use a Virtual Payment Address (VPA) to carry out any transaction. UPI has been developed by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) and is regulated by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). Gradually, UPI is becoming the most preferred form of digital payment. The UPI interface is compatible with most banks and many digital wallets, and payment applications are embracing UPI. Some of the apps include Paytm, Google Tez, Airtel Payments Bank, PhonePe and the like.