RIP Full Form

The Full form of RIP is Rest in Peace. RIP word is used mostly by Christians because they don’t burn the dead bodies but bury them. It is a phrase which is commonly written on the graves of Catholics to wish them eternal rest in peace when they died and is called Rest in Peace because we know that it’s like their resting when people die. A similar phrase is found in the book of Isaiah. In their belief that God will judge the Living objects on judgment day; till then the body must rest in peace. The expression is generally appeared on headstones as RIP or R.I.P. It is also used as a pray for a soul to find eternal peace after death. In the 18th century, it became common on the tombs of Catholics, for whom it was a prayerful request that their soul should find peace in the afterlife. The term is mostly used in Christian religion and no other religion uses this. RIP is used in different ways like i.e. Rest in peace (mostly peeps use rip for this reason only) and Return if possible.