PWD Full Form



The Full form of PWD is Public Works Department.



PWD is a government department in India which is responsible for construction and maintenance of public infrastructure like public government building, roads, bridges, public transport, drinking water systems and much more. The Public Works Department is the central authority that looks into all kinds of public sector works in India. For each state, there is a separate PWD which has geographically distributed Divisions, Sub-Divisions and Sections. Like there is a separate PWD for Punjab, Rajasthan, Kerala, Mizoram, Arunachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and more. The departments in all the states has almost the same responsibilities, which includes: Design and Construction of all public works undertaken by Government, Design and Development of Roads, Safety and facilities provided on Roads, Development and restructuring of government buildings etc. Public Works in India, such as the construction of roads, bridges, water tank, etc. was originally conducted by the military. This started with the Pioneers and then by the Public Works Department of the Town Major’s List (Bengal & Bombay) or the Effective Supernumeraries (Madras). In the mid-19th century, much of the responsibility for public works was then passed over to a special section of the Indian Civil Service.